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  1. PitchMan

    PitchMan Top Member

    It is with much regret that I bring you some very shocking and sad news. Lewis Stokes passed away on June 28th.

    This site will not be the same without the regular no nonsense contributions from Deltaduke and Blackjack tournaments all over will not fully be the same due to his absence. May he rest in peace!
  2. gronbog

    gronbog Top Member

    There have been too many announcements like this lately. Even though I haven't personally known these folks, it makes me sad.
  3. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    That is a bit of a shock, even though Lew had been battling cancer for quite a while. When I had dinner with him a few months ago, he seemed to be doing much better. I am glad I had a chance to visit with him then.

    Alas, the passing of another good soul from our ranks. He was definitely one of the good guys.
  4. LeftNut

    LeftNut Top Member

    Oh, no. Not another one of the good guys. Like Gronbog says, too many lately. Dammit to hell.....
  5. rookie789

    rookie789 Active Member

    Larry Barker now Lew Stokes, 2 competitors I considered good friends and enjoyed their companionship. My heartfelt condolences are sent to the families of each.
  6. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member

    I surely hate hearing this news. Just a couple days ago, I was thinking that Lew was one of the good people that I'd be seeing at Buffalo Run this weekend. I always knew that information gotten from him was accurate. First time he told me that he lived in Olive Branch, I almost laughed until immediately thinking that, coming from Lew, it must actually be the name of a town.
    I will certainly miss seeing the good man.

    Billy C
  7. Monkeysystem

    Monkeysystem Top Member Staff Member

    Oh, no... not another great player and person... :(
  8. george

    george Top Member

    yes Lew posted a lot of good stuff on this site , I learned a lot about the game reading ,watching , and talking to him ,, played against him a lot at sams town tunica , fitz , gold strike , also the ones in Biloxi , he had his game down pat, will miss trying to beat him
  9. tgun

    tgun Member

    So sorry to hear of Lew's passing, he was a grest guy and good friend, as with Larry's passing, the blackjack community is going to miss these losses.


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