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    I came up with this idea after hearing about so many tournaments in which out of town players were not getting to purchase re-buys, while the casino locals were offered multiple re-buys for the same event.

    My idea is simple, have the casino charge a $10 deposit for a guaranteed re-buy! If you end up needing the re-buy you simply pay the differance and if not you forfeit the $10 to the casino (like buying re-buy insurance).

    So far I haven't had one player up-set with the $10 deposit fee. I $10 fee to assure you a re-buy on any tournament of $100 and up is not a bad deal and will give you the peace of mind that you'll have it if needed. Hopefully we will never need

    If anyone can see any down side please reply. I like this a better then having the casino's charging a vig.
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  2. Sandy Eggo

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    That would depend on the size of the possible Re-Buy Round if it was a separate Round or if it was just the rest of the seats to fill in the Tournament to "max out" Poker, depending the tournament, Re-Buys that are full-Chip Stacks as if you are New to the Game are either limited by # of seats total for the game or a time limit (until the first break).

    Re-Buys that are really "Add-Ons" -- shorter stacks for a smaller value -- are usually available until the first break.

    If you are specifically speaking of a second/3rd/nth attempt to advance in the event, I'd limit it to either one ReBuy per Person or like Paradise Casino in Yuma, AZ (CA) too many tables/seats for the prelim rounds with one or two advance and no wild cards until the Semis with a Quarter-Finals in there as well. (IIRC) -- Richard would clear me up on that, but I know I rebought a few times on one trip.

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