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    I am so sorry to bring you news from Tammie that our friend Larry Barker (Dr. Bass) has been placed in hospice for pain management. Cancerous tumors have spread to his brain and he is has been suffering from terrific headaches for about 6 weeks. She reports he is still in good spirits and they are doing everything possible to keep him comfortable. So very sad. Keep him and Tammie in your thoughts and prayers.
  2. Billy C

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    I'm extremely sorry to hear this. Just saw Larry and Tammy at Buffalo Run about a month ago.

    Billy C
  3. Counselorlee

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  4. Counselorlee

    Counselorlee Member

    Larry passed away peacefully at his home yesterday.
  5. hopinglarry

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    Very sorry to hear that. I have missed meeting him and Tammie at Durant the past year.

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  6. rookie789

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    I'm so sorry to hear of Larry's passing, I considered you both some of my best friends, my thoughts are with you. I have many fond memories playing Pai Gow with Larry while he was giving me tips regarding Large Mouth Bass fishing techniques. Most of all he was a dear friend that will be missed.
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  7. LeftNut

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    I am so terribly sorry for your huge loss, Tammie, words cannot adequately express my sorrow. His passing leaves a hole in the BJT family that can never be filled. At least he is no longer in pain. I believe that I speak for many of us here by saying that we are with you in spirit if not in person, and that all of us deeply respected and admired him and his contributions to the game we love so well.
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  8. KenSmith

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    Larry was one of the most interesting and diverse people I ever met in the tournament community, from bass fishing to author to cruise reviewer. He was a joy to be around, and his loss will be felt by all who knew him. Our thoughts are with Tammy and all his family and friends during this time.
  9. KenSmith

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    Larry during the tournament cruise in Nov 2005. I think this photo is from Acapulco.

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  10. So sorry to hear such sad news. I greatly enjoyed getting to know Larry when we wrote "The Legends of Blackjack" together. He was greatly beloved in the tournament community and a very kind and generous soul. My condolences go out to you Tammie in this difficult time.
  11. Billy C

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    Expected but hard to accept news.
    He was not only good-----he was a true gentleman!
    Sincere condolences to you, Tammy.

    Billy C
  12. Moses

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    Tammy, I am so glad I got to see you and Larry at the last tournament at Miami, Ok. Larry will be sorely missed among friends and fellow tournament players. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  13. Counselorlee

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    Tammie, our hearts hurt for you and the loss of your love. We, too, loved him. As his mentor, friend and business partner, Kattie Watson wrote in his obituary, he was truly a renaissance man. For the blackjack community who want to read about our friend, please find it on the Watts Funeral Home in Madill, OK site. Donations in his honor can be made to the scholarship in the Dept. of Communications at Auburn University.
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