End of BJ money tournaments on ClubWPT (and anywhere online?)

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (Online Casinos)' started by zweeky, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. zweeky

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    In the last few years, the only remaining BJ tournaments awarding cash prizes on ClubWPT were a few daily $20 and $50. They were removed as of November 1st 2014.

    I currently don't know any other online site offering real money BJ tournaments. Do you?
  2. LeftNut

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    ZWEEKY! My old online BJT friend - and nemesis! Good to see you here again.

    Can't help with any knowledge of real money online BJT's. Wish I could and am hoping someone can enlighten us. Heard a strong rumor some time ago that Fresh Deck Poker (a Facebook connected game) was going to start BJT's but nothing transpired.
  3. gronbog

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    RIP ClubWPT, formerly ClubUWIN, formerly ClubUBT, formerly playUBT.

    These sites are where I cut my bj tournament teeth and, at least in the UBT days, made some ok money. I had intended for a while to renew my membership there and never got around to it. They ran some weekend tournaments with larger cash prizes a few months ago, but I was not available to play them and I was wondering whether that experiment would lead to renewed interest or would lead to the demise of blackjack on that site, if unsuccessful.

    As far other sites to play on, I hope I'm not putting PlayHunter on the spot, but he always seems to know about reputable UK-based sites to play on and, for zweeky, the ones he has brought to my attention did accept Canadian players.
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  4. PlayHunter

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    Hi Zweeky, and everyone

    Really sorry to see Club WPT giving up on its Elimination BJT's. Due to my location, I could never play in these for real money, but enjoyed fun money. BTW, I've just checked and these can still be played for fun money.

    The only other Elimination BJT's I know are the ones provided at most downloadable Microgaming casinos. Most are freerolls with plenty of people in. The only decent one is a €300 tournament held every Thursaday which has a €3 entry fee. Is a hybrid tournament (if you check its rules you'll see) with 50-60 players usually and pays only top 3. No chat option there. Double only hard 9-10-11. No split unlike 10 value cards.

    The other blackjack tournaments I know are the ones from Game Account skins. Neither Game Account or Microgaming ones allow US players. But on Game Account at least you are also allowed to play heads up games and have a chat option. Although its quite hard to find players to play with except the in-house robots provided by the site.

    All other blackjack tournaments I know, hardly can be called blackjack tournaments, because are either who wager the most money during a certain period, either some fixed prizes where each player plays against the dealer.

    I know a easy and legal way on how you can get 10% to 20% of your lost money during each calendar month for each casino where you want to play at. You can use this trick to improve your odds while playing a blackjack promotion (btw I know a few good ones), some blackjack tournaments, or any other game.

    If you can tell me a range area in which you might be interested, and your country of residence, I will be able to scout for you and bring you the best deals. The best way would be to discuss these things by PM because I would like to avoid being categorized as a salesman, although I really do try to help.

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