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    Golden Royal Blackjack has released version 1.2 (08-Jan-2009) for Xbox Live Community and cell phones.
    Feel free to "Google" it for the details of purchase I am not running an add for the program just an informational blurb.

    Tables seat 4 there is online and local play.
    You start your career out with $100.
    There are 8 decks in the shoe.
    Shoe penetration is 90%
    Dealer stays on all 17.
    You can only split twice and tens must match.
    Split bullets and get one card on each.
    If you split a ten forget about doubling if you draw a bullet.

    Yes, Casino Verte is a better simulation, I own that also; but it cannot simulate the ingenious stupid plays of the novice. If you are bothered by the way others play this will help teach patients plus if the microphone is off you are free to say whatever you want!!!
    The developers are working the bugs out of the tournament downloads; so that might be fun.

    Good Luck, Have fun and remember it is just a game!!!

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