Fire & Ice $50,000 BJT - Beau Rivage - Biloxi, MS

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (USA)' started by Doc, Jun 2, 2019.

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  2. Doc

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    I was told this is a one day tournament, on 28th. Play against the dealer ??? If anyone knows for sure, details appreciated.
  3. PitchMan

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    I went by the host desk at the Beau when in town for the Palace tournament a couple of weeks ago and I was told that it is a one day tournament, heads up/accumulation, but to be sure I called and got the following information. Accordingly, I have made arrangements to play the Hard Rock on Saturday and the Beau on Sunday. Hope to see you there.

    If you're not comped, entry (and she said there is a re-buy), are $100, Heads up, 15 Hands, Accumulation.
    Registration 2:00 PM until 8:00 PM, Play starts at 3:00 PM
    1st-$15k cash
    2nd thru 30th- All table play
    2nd- $10k
    9th thru 15th-$500
    16th thru 30th-$100
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  4. johnr

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    How does heads up work?
  5. PitchMan

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    Hey John. First, I'll say that I wouldn't be playing this heads up event if I wasn't already in Biloxi to play the Hard Rock the day before. I've only played one of these a few years back, at Gold Strike, so I will assume the Beau will be similar. I don't remember exactly what the starting bank is, but I think it was $10 k, possibly it was $25k, but I don't think that's important since all players start with the same. I think max bet was either $500 or $1000.

    There was a bank of tables, maybe 6-8 of them. Each player 's round consists of playing the dealer heads up for 15 hands - It's an assembly line process and moves fast. At the end of all tournament play the top 30 players with the most chip value are the winners, counting down from highest.

    I'm not sure but I think that if a player re-buys their highest chip value of ONE of the two rounds will be their "entry" into the summation of winners. I could be wrong but I don't think the buy-in & re-buy rounds would be totaled at the end.

    I wish I could offer more clarity, but this will hopefully help some. Good luck!
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  6. george

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    I played this one last year think the rules are the same as the other tournament just short on the number of hands $10,000 max bet ,$20,000on last hand you'll get all the rebuys you want last year I had seven,,7 I say,,, thats $700.00 busted out on 6 think made $40,000 ..on one ,not in the running .will play this one but not all the rebuys
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    Thanks, I do not think that I will try that.
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  8. Gregory W

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    Can someone who played and knows let me know what some of the winning chip stacks were?

    I'm beating myself up over not making a split on 20 that would have won both hands on hand 11 or 12. I had 90k at that point and I think I could have cashed (obviously depending on the next few hands) it was I had 75k on hand #15 and I bet the 20k max and got 16 against a 5 I think. I stayed hoping 95k would get me something. I lost the hand and ended with 55k. Maybe I could have doubled crazy as it sounds going for 115k. Hindsight I guess.

    Anyways I know one guy had 140k but I would like to know if I made that split or won that last hand would I have hit the top 30. I hope not then I won't feel so bad.

    Tourney director said 80k was a good base to possibly make the money but I knew that would probably be the bottom range (meaning a prize of a $100 table bet)
  9. PitchMan

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    $142k won it.. $95k was lowest amount paid..
  10. PitchMan

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  11. Gregory W

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    Thanks for the info
  12. Bwana

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    I played one round and finished with $99,500. I ended up in 27th Place. The $100 of table play covered my entry. I felt like I was close to at least placing so on the last hand I only bet $10,000. I pushed so it wouldn't have made a difference either way. Out of 15 hands I only remember busting twice and that was against a dealer Blackjack that took out the whole table. I had two black Jack's as well. All-in-all I had an exceptional 15 hands. I tried to calculate out the total number of other games I would be competing against. If I remember correctly there was around 18 tables x 6 players per table. 5 hours of play with a round every half hour. So 18 * 6 * 10 equals 1080 total. From what I saw many tables didn't have six players so I imagine the total number of games played was less than 1080.
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