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  1. I agree that DraftKings is the best out there. I do play some at Golden Nugget and MGM, but I would say at least 95% of my play is at DraftKings. They keep me busy with promotions so I don't really need to play anywhere else.

    The sports bet promotion has been offered to me for the last 2 weeks. However, it is only available for a few hours as it was available on their web site from only 9:00 pm to 2:00 am. I didn't know it was going to be offered again this last Thursday and when I checked around midnight I saw it was offered to me again, I didn't have enough time to win the max number of free bets, but I did get quite a few in less than 2 hours time. Here was the promotion.
    "Earn a $100 Free Bet for every $2,500 wagered on DraftKings Touchdown or Football Blackjack up to $1,000 in Free Bets.*"
    I like playing their Touchdown Football game as you move down the field and score a touchdown. Then you get to kick the extra point which isn't always good, and even once in a while the ball will hit a bird that is flying by. However, this all causes disruptions to your blackjack game.

    As far as where I place in the leaderboards for the Sept leaderboard I placed between 275 and 300 and won $500 free credits. When I quit playing tonight I was between 275 and 300 again in the Oct leaderboard race which was good for $500.

    I'm always honest with them and if they over pay me I tell them, but only once did they request any money back. They do have a lot of glitches and I let them know when things aren't working properly. Their latest bug was not having their tracker working.
  2. Interesting tidbit on Draftkings leader board.

    The Sept leader board had 23,832 players, but the Oct leader board had 42,525 players. The prize structure for Oct was actually over $500,000 less than Oct. I can't figure out why Oct had so many more players.
  3. London Colin

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    Draftkings in the UK?

    Out of curiosity, I just did some checking, and there is a site that appears to offer just the fantasy sports stuff, whereas the .com site also includes the casino.

    There seems to be nothing on the .com site saying I cannot sign up from the UK, but am I right in thinking I wouldn't be allowed to play there unless I am in one of the licensed US jurisdictions at the time?
  4. Jonny21

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    Yes Colin, their site does a location check before allowing you to make any bets. I live very close to the border of Michigan, so they are always re-checking my location. But you can sign up, as you said so that you are ready to play when you get to a licensed jurisdiction.
  5. London Colin

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    Thanks. That what I had always assumed, but then I wondered if there might be a separate arrangement for those of us outside the U.S.

    Interesting that they seem to have obtained the necessary license to offer the fantasy sports product to the U.K., but not the casino.
  6. London Colin

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    Interesting. Entain owns some big UK brands.
  7. After making the top player tier at DraftKings I was hoping for some really good promotions. It appears DraftKings has greatly cut back on its promotion offerings. In the past they almost always offered some $5 or $10 promotion every day. They are no longer doing that.

    So far for 2022 I have been offered several VIP promotions. The first one was really good. It was $1 credit for every $50 played on table games up to $1,000 in credits. It was basically a 1.5% player edge. My guess on the reason why I was offered this was probably because I had a nasty loss a few days earlier.

    My latest promotion offer is still in the works and its basically a break even promotion at best. First you have to play at least $50,000 to even qualify for the promotion. Then you get to make a qualifying deposit and play the deposit plus the bonus thru 15 times and blackjack only counts at 20%. A $1,000 bonus will require play of $150,000 on blackjack and first you have to play $50,000 to even qualify. Its pretty much just a breakeven promotion, but since there is a leaderboard going on at the same time why not take a shot.

    Here is the promotion.
    Earn a Casino Deposit Bonus up to $10,000 by playing your favorite Casino Games!

    Promotional period begins upon successful opt-in and concludes on 1/13/22 at 11:59 PM ET. Deposit Bonuses will be issued to qualified players on 1/14/22 by 5 PM ET (additional Opt-In Required) and can be redeemed through 1/16/22. All Casino Deposit Bonuses have a 15x Play-through requirement on the deposited funds & awarded Bonus, which must be met within 7 days after qualifying deposit.
    50,000 100% up to $1,000 in Casino Bonus Funds
    100,000 100% up to $5,000 in Casino Bonus Funds
    500,000 100% up to $10,000 in Casino Bonus Funds
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  8. Jonny21

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    Hey Midwest - yes, I have been getting these same pronos. As you said, when you add up the deposit bonus, the leaderboard award., the points towards free play or DK dollars, and the dynasty points it is worth playing. Just make sure you read all the fine print twice !
  9. Jonny21, all hell broke loose for me this past weekend. Everything that possibility could go wrong did. I busted out on the two deposit bonuses I had. Lost both my deposit and the bonus. I guess I was betting too large and wasn't willing to grind it out. After several losses in a row I increased my bets only to have the dealer go on a ten hand winning streak. Again I was so close to winning one of those leaderboard $1,000 prizes. I thought I was out of it with only 20 minutes to go as I over shot the $1,000 prize. Then when I looked again I was back in it, but needed $2,000 in action to catch up with only 10 minutes to go. I should have taken the time to figure out exactly the amount needed, but time was running out and big bets were needed. Damn, the dealer was hot and winning most hands. I not only missed the $1,000 prize by less than a $20 bet, but lost around $1,000 in those few minutes trying to catch up.

    I hope you got to play "Hammer the Over" sports bet at DraftKings. It was pretty much a sure thing. I was just disappointed I couldn't bet more than $25.
  10. Anybody know if Caesars bought out William Hill in Michigan. I never played Caesars in MI and see that they have both a casino and sports bet in MI, but its under the William Hill link. They are offering a $2,000 deposit match with 75 times play thru on the bonus for new customers. A $2,000 x 75 =$150,000 play thru. This should yield a $1,250 profit.
    See link: Am I missing anything?
  11. Jonny21

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    Yes, Caesars bought out William Hill in Michigan several months ago. I had a William Hill account, which was changed to a Caesars account. I am satisfied with Caesars. They offer a lot of deposit bonuses, you have to read them closely as the playthrough requirements vary. Their blackjack rules are not as good as Draftkings. They also offer some sports related promotions where you can get sports-related merchandise by making a minimal amount of bets. I now have sweet Bears and Bucks fitted ball caps and a nice Warriors pullover.
  12. Jonny21

    Jonny21 Active Member

    Draft kings has been cutting back on their promos lately. Taking a look at their stock chart, I can see why management would be doing that... Screenshot_20220130-152249_thinkorswim.jpg
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  13. Jonny, I assume you also got the January Onyx tier offer. It was probably the best promotion I ever received from DraftKings. For every $100 bet on table games you got a $5 bonus up to $500 and I did terrible on it. I also lost both my parlay bets on the sports betting part of the promotion, but I did receive the $500 for playing the sports betting part of the promotion. January has been a very bad month for me at DraftKings. How about you?
  14. KenSmith

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    The whole industry is now complaining about how expensive the promos and acquisition offers have become! Of course that’s been great for the players. I do expect to see some of the best offers going away as we head towards the spring.
    If you are in an eligible state, now is the time to take advantage of what’s out there.
    My site states are now NJ, MI, PA, NY, WV, IA.
    See them at

    If you are in another state with online sports betting, I’m sure you already know it because of the immense amount being spent on ads.
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  15. DraftKings is giving away a $1,000,000 free bet for the Super Bowl. The catch is you have to bet it on the Super Bowl, but no purchase necessary. I think there is going to be a total of $10 million in free bets.
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  16. DraftKings now has craps. To celebrate the roll out they are offering a 100% loss rebate up to $200. Now lets see how bad I can screw up this promotion.

    We are celebrating the launch of Craps at DK Casino with a 100% VIP Lossback offer!
    Opt-in to earn 100% Lossback on DraftKings Craps up to $200 Casino Free Credits (minimum net loss of $.01 or more to qualify) until 02/03/2022 at 11:59 PM EST.*
  17. Jonny21

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    Hey Midwest - I had similar results with the blackjack in the promo with $5 for every $100 bet. That's the way it goes sometimes, you can lose even when you are playing with a big advantage. Did ok in the craps promo.

    I am currently number 42 in the Millionaire leaderboard so will have to play hard on the remaining leaderboards until the february 28 finish. I see that if you are in the top 150, you can take free credits instead of the physical prize that you win, and I sure don't need a $2,000 "domed pizza oven" whatever that is.
  18. Jonny, you must be really playing a lot lately. I think the last time you mentioned you were at number 84 in the Millionaire leaderboard. I was at #39 a few weeks ago and now I have dropped to #50. I think what did me in was a slots leaderboard that was a lightning round and I didn't play it at all as I only play blackjack. I have a feeling this last big leaderboard is going to be a lightning round. If I drop any further I will be out of the $3,000 prize tier.

    Anyway, Tuesday the 8th there is another leaderboard, and one can also rack up points for free Super Bowl bets at same time. Heck I'm over halfway to Diamond status already for 2023. Oh, I did win a $100 on the craps promotion, and so far I completed Tier 4 in the Super Bowl free bets.

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