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  1. Hey Jonny, I just found out I earned $1,200 DK dollars I didn't even know I was playing for. It says I earned $1,200, but didn't think I earned that much in one day. However, I was up late last night chalking up points in trying to reach tier #7 in the Super Bowl free bets giveaway. I assume you also got the same Onyx offer.
    For every 25 Crowns earned get a $1 DK Dollar bonus— up to $1,200 DK Dollars from February 9, 2022 through February 20, 2022, at 11:59 PM. No opt-in required.

    They also updated the status of the Millionaire leaderboard as of Feb 9th. If I'm following the correct letters for you, it also looks like you moved up to the $4,000 prize tier. Hope you can move up even more. I also moved up some, but I'm still in the same tier.
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    I'm curious to know if anyone has received any bannings for 'bonus abuse' yet in the new U.S. online markets. I've had a few over the years, and have never been quite sure how best to guard against it (or whether to even bother trying).
  3. Just wanted to mention that DraftKings made it harder to earn Crowns in their rewards program. I believe in the past it was 1 crown for every $5 played on table games. Now its 1 crown for every $8 played on most table games. I just made it half way to Onyx for 2023 and they gave $250 in free play for reaching Diamond level.

    On another note on my recent birthday, I discovered a box on my porch the day before my birthday. I didn't order anything and was wondering who sent me something. When I opened the box I found a birthday cake from Draftkings sent next day delivery. It was all packed in frozen gel ice packs to keep it cold enclosed in a Styrofoam container. Shipping and packing must of cost at least $50. I would of much rather had the equivalent in free play. However, they also did give me a bunch of free crowns for my birthday. It was an odd number of crowns, and I think it represented a 1,000 crowns for each year of your age.
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    Ontario finally opened up for legal online gambling and, with 21 approved web sites, I was anticipating that the promotions would be good due to the competition. So far I am completely underwhelmed. :(
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    One of the hurdles is a restriction in Ontario that prohibits any mention of promotional offers off-site. The advertisers and affiliate can't mention anything about bonuses if I understand correctly.
    I guess maybe the operators figure that if they can't advertise bonuses, why offer much once a prospective player arrives at the site?
  6. From what I can tell a lot of Ontario's online casinos haven't launched their promo codes yet. I noticed Bet Rivers is one of Ontario's online casinos and from what I can tell it looks like they are offering the same $250 sign up bonus they offered in MI with only a one time play thru. See link.
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    Thanks! I've been working my way through the list of sites and had not yet got to that one. I will check it out.
  8. DraftKings offered some great promotions this past weekend. While most of the online casinos in MI might offer a couple hundred dollars in promotions from time to time DraftKings is known to offer thousands in promotions.

    The first promotion this weekend was a VIP Players Choice promotion, but the second option of the promotion was so much better than the first option. They matched 15% of deposit amount up to $2,000 max bonus with only a 1 time play thru. It was like the BetRivers sign up promotion but 8 times as large. Heck, my debit card has only a $5,000 max so I had to call the bank to get a temporary increase. Shortly after I completed this promotion, I was offered another promotion where you would get $1,000 in free credits for $100,000 in action. Not great, but positive expected value.

    Bottom line was between both these promotion I won over $3,000. Nice when things go your way.

    Jonny21 hope you got to play them also.
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    Hey Midwest. Just saw this. YES that was Terrific. Had the same results. They seem to have had a shakeup with hosts. Hooe they keep it up. Jonny

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