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Discussion in 'Other Games Tournament Strategy' started by Monkeysystem, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Does Jean Scott's Frugal Video Poker give you penalty card strategy plays? The website for the program doesn't work, so I don't have any help I can refer to.

    When I'm practicing in perfect play mode I get errors that don't reflect in the strategy tables for the machines I'm playing. I can't find the penalty cards in the program.

    Is there a website for this program I'm not finding? I'm using version
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    The strategies generated by the program, and also the strategy cards sold under the Frugal Video Poker label don't generally include penalty card situations.

    However, as you've discovered, the software will point out these situations if you have it set to perfect strategy practice mode.

    The Bob Dancer cards I sell do cover most penalty situations.

    Is the game you are practicing 9/6 Jacks, or something else? Fortunately, there aren't many 9/6 Jacks penalty situations. In fact, here's a list:

    KT suited vs King alone: Hold just the King if there is both a flush penalty and a 9 in the hand.
    QT suited vs AQ unsuited: Hold the QT unless there is a flush penalty to the QT.
    JT suited vs KJ unsuited: Hold the JT unless there is a flush penalty to the JT.
    AHT 3-card royal vs 4-flush: Generally, 3 to the royal is better than 4 to a flush. However, if the 3 royal cards include both an Ace and a Ten, and the fifth unsuited card is a T,J,Q,K or A, hold the flush instead.
    AKQJ straight vs QJ suited: Usually hold QJ suited instead of the straight. But, if the fifth card is a flush penalty or a 9, hold the 4 card straight instead.

    There's actually one more... If you have one of the two inside straights you hold in 9/6 Jacks (AHHT or KQJ9), you should hold a double-inside straight flush with one high card instead if there is no straight penalty to the straight flush draw. This applies in hands like AKQT8 where the QT8 are suited. Contrast that with the hand AKQT9 where the KT9 are suited. In that case the AKQT hold is better because the Queen is a straight penalty for the KT9 straight flush draw.
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    Thanks Ken

    Thanks for the info, Ken.

    Actually I'm looking at an oddball machine that is a 9/6/5 double bonus but with higher payoffs for aces and straight flush that bring it up over 99%. FVP gave me everything I wanted to know about this machine except the penalty cards.

    I noticed while playing this machine on FVP that you hold one ace over AKo, AQo or AJo unless the ace has two flush penalties.
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