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  1. noman

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    See they have a January and February BJ Tourney.
    Been a while since I went to one of theirs.
    Dearth of others, except along the Gulf, which are more difficult for me to get to. And I have no creds with any Gulf properties.

    Any one have thoughts on value of a Golden Nugget attempt.

    I know there have been changes since I last played there.

    My costs would only be; entry, rebuy and Mulligan.
  2. Billy C

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    Most of the astute tournament players that I'm familiar with don't consider GN to be a "good value" event. Were it not for the dearth of others, mentioned by you, GN would have much less participation, I believe.

    Billy C
  3. noman

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    Billy C:

    Rings true.
  4. noman

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    So anyway, I pulled the trigger, because my withdrawls were getting the best of me and went to the Jan. GN tourney. Entry and all the rest were as they have been. Made it into the semis without a rebuy.At the semi table, with one advance, position six took an early great lead with 14,ooo with 10 hands to go, then proceeded to squander it and let position 2 come close to catching him, but # 2 lost by 5 hundered, 10,000 to six's 10,500. Needless to say at hand 10 I figured I had to catch and was making and losing max bets of 2,k. Saw some old time GN players and a few Buffalo Run regulars. Room was comped, but paid $500 entry. Got that back for finishing in semis.

    Otherwise for whatever matters to memebers, here are my impressions of Vegas (downtown only) at this time:

    It is MASK CITY. Security at casino entrances require masks. Masks required inside. Except if you're drinking and or smoking. Huh? Same to enter restaurants, but once inside while eating, of course. Table games require masks (as did tourney), with the exception of drinking or smoking. Again tourney does not permit either during play. BJ in pits at GN, Plaza, Circa mostly 6-5 with wheel side bet, for hitting a BJ, with a one to two dollar side bet to get from 20 to 100 to one. (Observers said the wheel mostly falls on 20-1)` Stakes were 5-500 or 10-2000, except in high limit where min was 100. Mostly six deck shoes. Maybe one table double deck pitch cut 3/4. Plaza had double deck pitch cut 3/4.

    For me the best activity was 9-6 Triple double bonus on the third tier of the sports book at Circa. Spit out free drink tickets and some money.

    Homeless street people and scavengers aplenty. Band stands on THE EXPERIENCE were active.
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  5. Billy C

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    I enjoyed the report.

    Billy C
  6. gronbog

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    Congrats on making it into the money at the tourney!
  7. george

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    yes money makes it fun good job
  8. noman

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    Replies noted and appreciated.

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