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    The Quebec Masters Series Grand Finale was a well run, welcoming event where the Casino du Lac Leamy bent over backwards to accommodate the 108 players who showed up and their guests (two nights stay at the five star Hilton was included).

    Missing 18 entries (126 limit, 2k buy-in), they choose not to decrease the prizes for the top three positions (200k, 20k, 5k) buy adding 20k to the prize pool.

    The Tournament was won by a local man (Mr Z from Ottawa), an experienced BJ player playing in only his second tournament ever. In the heads up part of the final (five hands, all-in allowed) Mr Z got a BJ on the third hand to pull ahead of his opponent for the first time. With two hands to go, having a small lead and betting last on the final hand, he offered his opponent to split the pot (each would get 110k instead of 200k-20k for first and second). His opponent rejected the offer.

    Mr Z put up a small bet, the other guy went all-in, lost the tournament...and left with 20k instead of 110k, trying to explain the situation to his dejected wife.

    A dozen Americans showed up (Vermont was very well represented). A man from Philadelphia made the final table. My wife and I also had the pleasure, in the company of Zweeky, to meet Dan Dupont and his lovely daughter over dinner at the end of the Tournament. Dan is now headed for Niagara Falls for another major tournament next week. Watch out!!!

    On a sad note, the future of major BJ Tournaments in Quebec now seems over :sad:
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