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Discussion in 'Sidewalk Cafe' started by harrybull, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    I cleaned up the comment that was quoted so it now accurately reflects toolman1's post.

    A word about quoting is in order...
    When quoting another user, please don't edit inside the quoted area. It makes it appear as if comments were posted by the original user and not you, and equally importantly, many of us don't even read the entire quoted section assuming we are already familiar with the contents.

    What to do?

    Make your entire answer outside the quoted area, or you can split up the quoted section the way I edited harrybull's post. To do that, just add your own begin and end quote tags in the text, either by highlighting the text and using the Quote button in the editor, or by manually typing the tags.

    I need to find a good tutorial to link to somewhere on how to use the tags.
  2. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member


    You're right about me being "a bit strong" before. It wasn't meant to offend you but to show my intense distaste for spammers and con artists. I'm not calling YOU either one. You might be, I don't know at this point.
    I'm among the many here that feel ALL systems are bogus EXCEPT counting!
    That would include bankroll augmentation that you mention.
    Needless to say, this is my opinion only and if you actually think you have a viable system, good for you.
    If you try to "sell" me on any of that you'll be put in same category as snake oil salesmen, preachers, etc.
    I enjoy your vocabulary and hope you continue to post.

    Billy C
  3. tgun

    tgun Member


    "snake oil salesmen, preachers, etc." all the same? There is a big difference between good and evil.

    Everything being promoted is not "snake oil."

  4. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member


    True, and I'm not anti religion. I would only put preachers in the same context as snake oil salesmen if they were using the same technique.

    Billy C
  5. toolman1

    toolman1 Active Member

    I think snake oil is getting a bad rap here. I've been using it for years to keep the elephants away from my front door. Haven't seen a one since I've been doing it! :laugh:
  6. Fredguy

    Fredguy New Member

    Well I guess I owe someone an apology.
    I originally posted to this thread to add my opinion to that of Billy C about playing BJ rather than peddling systems. Then I quoted a saying we have had for decades in my business (computer software development) that if you can't write programs then teach programming, and if you can't teach programming then become a consultant, and if you can't do that, then write articles about it. To which I added, in deference to our newest hero, Rush Limbaugh, if you can't write articles, then host a radio program.
    Obviously, I hurt someones feelings, for which I am sincerely sorry.
    Maybe I shouldn't post on this forum.
  7. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member


    I don't see why you would owe anyone an apology. I'll be the first to acknowledge that Joe P. is one of THE best bjt players alive as I've seen him in action many times and been on same table a few times. Which leads me to say that Lil Sissy can give it a rest. She really doesn't need to "blow his horn" anymore.
    Most on this site are aware of Joe's talent and don't need to hear more. There are other players on par with Joe that prefer to stay low profile. Obviously, Joe cannot be low profile because of his other ventures but as they say-----enough is enough.
    I'm not picking sides here. Joe has always been OK with me and I don't know if I've met Fredguy but I hope he continues to post.

    Billy C
  8. Lil Sissy

    Lil Sissy Banned User

    Ken I’m sorry it has taken me a few days to respond to your post as I was playing in this weekend Hilton’s suited blackjack tournament and was not even aware of your response in this topic until it was brought to my attention while I was at the Hilton by a fellow member

    A fellow member informed me that they thought you were suggesting that I wasn’t Lil Sissy with your Lil Sissy/Joe and Joe/Lil Sissy remark and I told them that could not be the case because you not only know of me not to mention that we have also met in person while a few of us were standing around waiting to play the semis finals in the IP Biloxi tournament back in Sept 2007.We also share common friends who are close gaming associates of yours from the Gulf Coast who I have had the pleasure to have dinner with on a few occasions and the dinner conversations are always enriching as far as improving my casino and tournament experiences.

    When I post it’s always my thoughts and opinions. If Joe Pane wanted to post on this site anonymously he would be smart enough to do that on a name that there could be no connection or close association with, that would not be the case here as the connection is clear. There are a few members here who have multiple screen names and that seems to fall within the rules of present. This brings me to my point about the current rules concerning members conduct towards others. Your rules are clear about conduct between current members but there is a serious flaw in that there is nothing as far as I’m aware about members conduct toward non members or former members who do not have the ability to defend themselves in your arena especially when current members take unwarranted “pokes” at said individual who do not have the ability to defend themselves.

    I’m a loyal friend of Joe Pane and will always come to his defense when a very small amount of current members take the liberty to “poke” at Joe P when he has no course of rebuttal. Your current rules allow this even though you have warned the one or two members to cease in these actions. Your non actions in this matter must leave them to believe that it’s acceptable for them to continue with their agenda since no actions other than a warning has ever taken place.

    Ken if the past events do not refresh your recollection as to who I am or convince you that I’m not someone other than Lil Sissy, please feel free to private message me and I will give you my home phone number where you can voice verify that I’m in the person who signed up for your site more than 1 year ago.

    If you were to look over this thread and a few others of late you will see that Fredguy seems to not be able to post anything of late without attempting to smear Joe and his accomplishments. Now he wants to sell us that he was referring to Rush Limbaugh with his radio show comment when the continuity of his original statement was all about blackjack. We all know that Joe is the only member of this community who has a weekly radio show so the reference/”poke’ to Joe was clear.

    Billy C you are correct about Joe’s skills at the blackjack tables both live and in tournaments but when he has no chance to defend against a few and I mean few members who as far as I know have zero contributions in the tournament community I will continue to defend him until the rules are changed so that this can no longer happen. If you interpret this as me “blowing Joe’s horn” I’m sorry you see it as that.

    Joe's numerous contributions to this site and this community deserve at least that.
  9. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Of course I know who you are.

    Posting under multiple screen names is a violation of this site's rules and guidelines. Exceptions for the purpose of casino discretion can be approved by me. I am aware of only one person utilizing that option, and they haven't posted under their alternate username in well over a year.

    The remainder of your complaints about my administration of this site are baseless and without merit.
  10. Lil Sissy

    Lil Sissy Banned User

    Here is a portion of the guidelines that all post and members are subject too.

    Posts that are insulting, offensive or inflammatory are subject to immediate removal without warning.

    Yet on Feb 14th Fredguy posted this comment that is still up on the site

    “If blackjack tournaments ever have a tour similar to professional golf, then Ken Smith would be the Tiger Woods of the tour, and Joe Page could be the John Daly”.

    Anyone even with a limited knowledge of the many problems that John Daly has incurred would not have to stretch to far to find this not only offensive but inflammatory to suggest that Joe Page/Pane can be viewed in the same light. Or is the intentional misspellings provide him with no liability for his words.

    In closing your previous objection to my opinion on the enforcement of the rules is duly noted.
  11. LeftNut

    LeftNut Top Member

    Amen to that!!!!!
  12. harrybull

    harrybull New Member

    Am I a scammer?!?

    You don't mince your words do you son ! Ok firstly my bank roll augmentation system is mine and mine alone. I havn't and wont reveall any details as, as so many people on this thread have opined, if you have system that earns you money, why not use it instead of sell it ? It's not magic, just maths and as stated, it one hell of a grind but you will earn back your loses. For the record, also as stated, it's roulette NOT black jack anyway. Trust me, it is FAR from a wonder system and unless you had the personality of a funeral directors booking agent, it would be impossible to enjoy it. To be frank it would suit the kind of nerd who enjoys sitting at a train station writting down engine numbers far more than a 'for profits player' (which I consider myself). So, you cheeky ******, I won't be trying to 'sell' it to you. For one thing it was years and years of trail and error to get the elements right.For another I joined this site to get involved in TBJ not to try to earn a few bob from the great unwashed. I am wordly wise enough to know Rule A. don't sh.t where you eat and Rule B. if you want to sell fake art, don't pitch it to art experts !

    Re counting, I understand how it works. I can do the maths +1 0 -1 and tell you whether the last card in a pack will be 2 to 6, 789 or a picture, and I understand a true & running count, not a drama. Where I REALLY REALLY struggle is working out how many cards remain in the deck, I just can't get my head round that bit. Is there a sytem that DOESN'T involve guessing from the discrad stack ? Tell you what, you help me with that and I'll GIVE you my bankroll aug system for free (rocket science it AINT!)
    And don't worry, I won't stop posting, seeing the superb kick off my one simple question caused I'll definitly be looking to cause more reaction here !:joker::joker:
  13. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member

    If you're playing single deck, the answer to your question is to subtract the burn card and total cards played from 52. If playing multiple decks use multiples of 52 and the same method. It doesn't get any easier than that.
    Now, let me guess-----cheeky ******----first letter f?

    Billy C
  14. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member

    For sale

    I'm now taking sealed bids on one (1) bankroll augmentation system. Further details forthcoming.

    Billy C
  15. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    I guess I have no limited knowledge of John Daly. I've heard the name, but know nothing else about him.

    If you expect my policing of the forum to include researching all comments that I don't understand, you're going to be sorely disappointed.
  16. LeftNut

    LeftNut Top Member

    I'll bet there is a guy from Northern Michigan who would offer you a slightly used yet infamous sofa, complete with unusual wildlife enhancements. :laugh:

    John Daly is a PGA golfer who is known for his ability to smack golf balls incredible distances, the likes of which had never been witnessed on the PGA's national tour before his arrival (this was in pre-Tiger days). He drew huge crowds to tournaments and he had considerable success, winning quite large sums of money. However, his over-the-top golf game was exceeded by his over-the-top personal life, most notably his penchant for adult beverages along with some other accoutrements that go along with a Rock Star type of lifestyle.
  17. harrybull

    harrybull New Member

    good I HATE being crap at math lol !

    Billy that seems like the easiest thing in the world to do.I am however totally crap at maths and keeping the count AND the number of cards played will seriusly stretch my limited mathmatical ability. Any idiot proof tips for a semi retarded window licker ? I have read the books, I understand the basics and how the system tell's me when a deck is hot, just joining up the dot's is stumping me.Feel a bit of a cheeky ****** myself here but hey, I joined this for exactly this kind of expert knowledge and you opeded the door so I'm going to push it as wide open as I can mate !
    I would have to send you my bankroll augmentation system (and TRUST me thats a grand grand term for it) by private message.Not because I'm concerned about it being stolen but beacause I KNOW it's so basic that couldn't face the torrent of ridicule that got thrown back at me. If you don't already know it or a version of it, I'll be amazed squire.

    Don't sit waiting with baited breath just remember, i'ts maths, NOT magic and MAN is it a serious drag, but you got to be ridiculosly unlucky to get busted out.
    What do you have againsed progressive blackjack betting by the way ? Surley betting progressivly whilst a shoe is running hot HAS to be the way right ?Looking forward to your replys :joker:
  18. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member

    The fact that I'm going to tell you NOT to send the system by any means of delivery should tell you again how I feel about "systems". Yes, I'm turning down my free chance and if you have one for "progressively betting whilst a shoe is running hot", I'll pass on that offer, also.
    Now I'll again risk being "trapped" (maybe I was expected to forget the burn card when answering your last question) and I'll ask you why the hell you want to know how many cards are left in the deck (think you meant to say cards still to be played). Either way that number isn't anywhere near as important as the RC and TC numbers and if your eyesight is any good at all the glance at the discard tray will serve you well.

    Billy C
  19. toolman1

    toolman1 Active Member

    Just a quick comment since I don't normally want to get into live BJ play on this site.

    Some casinos are really paranoid about card counters so the discard tray is smoked and enclosed - a slit in the top allows the dealer to slide the cards in. At one Harrah's casino in particular, the discard tray is dark red and non-translucent with the slit and the shoe is white, again non-translucent, with a cover so the remaining cards in the shoe cannot be seen.
  20. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member


    I haven't seen, hope I don't and certainly wouldn't play those conditions.

    Billy C

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