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    Unbalanced Count

    The way to overcome hidden discard trays and shoes is by using an unbalanced count such as Knockout. You lose some power but it still works and it's the best you can do.

    I wonder if the use of these hidden discard trays and shoes could lead to getting less heat? The diligent rocket scientists working the pits in casinos might think their equipment is doing their job for them.
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    I think it's the contrary. The fact that they are blatantly making things difficult indicates they are obsessed with stopping the counter. Jumping a bet from say 1 unit to 5 would probably catch their eye quickly (dealers are probably trained to watch for that) and intense heat would follow. That's my best guess.
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    I am actually quite relevied cos wouldn't want to be written off as a total moron. I have added a new thread that you might be intersted in. thanks for your imput. Peace out...........:joker:

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