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    "We" had this week off because of wet fields so on Thursday and Friday I entered poker freerolls at bet21. On Thursday I played for 4.5 Hrs taking 11/3074 and won something called bet21 PC points. Friday I placed first
    1/3900 after over 6hrs of play winning a bunch of those PC points. Lucky for me I was able to make good the slow game of poker and read my new book "Unstoppable Global Warming every 1500 years" so I dont feel like too much of a slug. For some reason I have very good luck in most freerolls, in the Aruba poker game I finished in top 300 50% of time which isnt good because you need to be in top 50. Well now Im wondering what the heck do I do with these points? I cant find a conversion factor for the points. I emailed the redeem points people and they say I have to go thru bet21 page which I dont have an email service working thru my PC only thru AOL. Someone in the tourney told me the game paid about 5$ to first! I could pan handle at McDonalds for more than that!:laugh: I might have almost enough saved up to play a 5.50 EBJ tourney!
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    Barney: For When You Come Back:

    So, when I left Mickie D's, with my regular coffee, you were the ONE, to whom, I gave my change from a dollar. Nice doo, dude.

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