Heineken UK Blackjack Series

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (Other areas)' started by gronbog, Oct 18, 2014.

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    Hi is the casino Dusk Till Dawn in your database? as that's where "The Casino Nottingham" is based. If not lets get it added as this is going to be run for at least 3 months, and hopefully for us uk BJ players, every month!
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  4. gronbog

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    Sorry Ken, I should have been able to figure that out.
  5. London Colin

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    Thanks for alerting us to this, Gronbog.

    I've been looking at the details on their website (which seems to have been updated, overnight, to include some weekly satellites, with the same structure as the main event, in addition to the daily sit-n-go-style satellites). It looks interesting - another attempt to make bj tournaments look more like poker tournaments.

    They mention an increasing minimum bet, but also talk about an ante. It's not clear to me how the ante fits in, and I do wonder if they have fully thought this 'last man standing' format through, in terms of how long it might take for the tournament to be completed (or even if it can be guaranteed that it will ever be completed!:eek:).

    If they are just relying on the slender house edge and the steadily increasing minimum bet to whittle the field down to one, it seems to me that two or more players could easily go on a long run of good fortune that keeps the tournament going. (The last weekly satellite is scheduled for three hours before the main event, too, so it could conceivably overrun and delay the final.)

    It did occur to me that the ante might be an amount that is simply taken away from the player each round, rather than a forced bet, but that seems unlikely. It would certainly be a good way to speed things along, though.:)

    Has a format like this one ever been tried before?
  6. GaryO

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    I'm reading it as the Ante is not a forced bet, it's an amount taken by the dealer each hand, thus that's how they know the tournie won't last 600 days! I've emailed them so might see the site being updated in the next day or so to clarify.
  7. London Colin

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    Thanks, Gary.

    Are you affiliated with DTD in some way? (Nothing wrong with that, but it would be good to know.)

    I was thinking I might put together a list of questions in the coming days, after I've had a chance to mull things over. I was going to send an email to the 'contact us' address. Is that who you emailed, or do you have other contacts?

    Regarding the ante and min bet, the wording on the site is already different to what I remember reading (but no less confusing). I'm pretty sure it used to say that the min bet goes up by 1,000 each level, and it made no mention of the size of the ante. But now I can't see any reference to the min bet increasing, and there is the phrase - 'Antes increase per level' - in the description of the weekly satellite, still with no mention of the size. (Of course, it could just be that I'm losing my mind!:))

    All very confusing. We probably should give them a while to finalise things; I suspect it may be a work in progress.

    Thanks again,
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  8. GaryO

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    I help them out a bit from time to time, but mainly they are just friends over there. They are going to sort out the wording etc on the site to make it clearer, but meanwhile...I've PM'd you the email address of the casino manager who is running the event, he'll be able to answer any questions and then update the website to ensure others don't need ask!

    I'll probably be in the club that weekend as it seems like it could be a fun Saturday, so hopefully....we could get a beer and have a chat!

  9. London Colin

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    Thanks for that.

    I haven't entirely made my mind up about entering, but I think I probably will. Hope to see you there, if I do.
  10. GaryO

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    This event has been pushed back to end of December (by a month).
  11. gronbog

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    Thanks. Can you provide an exact date and/or update the event on our calendar?
  12. GaryO

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    They are discussing whether to go for 26th Dec (Boxing Day) or 27th Dec. Should know in the next couple of days, but put 27th Dec for now, that's the safer bet I think. Thanks!

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