Help Me Come Up With a Nickname for a Poker Player Type

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    In playing blackjack tournaments I like to assign nicknames to my opponents by player type. This helps me remember who's who at the table. Knowing your opponents' tendencies can be useful in deciding how to play the last few hands of a tournament round.

    I've been delving into poker lately and am developing my skills in reading players. Similar to what I've done in blackjack tournaments I want to assign nicknames to my opponents based upon player type. Phil Hellmuth has published material in which he suggests different animals for different player types. I'd rather name them, as I have done in blackjack tournaments. I want my poker opponents' names to be as similar as possible to the ones I use in blackjack tournaments. Of course because we're talking about different games, there will be differences in what I have to use.

    Here are the blackjack tournament players' nicknames that I use:
    Biggie Bettman - Overly aggressive bettor throughout the round who might bust himself out
    Chip Titehold - Overly tight bettor who might wait too long to make a move, and might bet minimum on the final hand when he shouldn't
    Max Baysic - This is a new addition I made in recent years. He manages his bankroll pretty well but doesn't deviate enough from basic strategy in the final few hands and reflexively always bets the maximum on the last hand
    Ace Sharpe - Tough opponent

    There are four main exploitable player types in poker. Of course, these can be subdivided but I want to stick with the main ones for my nicknames.

    I've decided on names for three of the four exploitable types, but need your help on the fourth one. Here are the three I've already decided upon, plus the nickname for the tough opponent:

    Biggie Bettman - Plays too many starting hands and plays them too aggressively as a hand progresses
    Chip Titehold - Plays only premium starting hands and only plays later betting rounds in a hand with the best possible hand. Easily bluffed out of too many hands
    Loosey Fisch - Plays too many starting hands and plays them too passively. Calling station
    Ace Sharpe - Tough opponent.

    The player type I need your help naming is commonly referred to in poker circles as a TAG. "TAG" is an abbreviation for tight-aggressive. They play a selective range of starting hands, though not as tight as Chip Titehold's. When they get a good starting hand, they play it aggressively. Tight-aggressive play is what the poker coaches and writers recommend for beginning players.

    However, TAG's can be predictable, face-up, and exploitable. Sadly, I must admit I believe I'm a TAG. But I'm working on it.

    Can you help me come up with a nickname for TAG's?
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    Monkeyploppy, perhaps?
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    I don't see any reason to get too fancy with this. Your goal is to remember what kind of player (s)he is. How about a direct name like Tommy Tag?
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    I wonder if it would also help to come up with gender specific variations. Chip suggests a male opponent. Loosey (phonetically Lucy) suggests a female. My suggested name for TAG opponents could be Tommy Tag or Tammy Tag

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