How To Edit Search Settings On The Tournament Calendar

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    Under the heading "Tournaments", there are so many "Minor" (blue) tournaments listed that any tournaments listed beyond a couple of weeks don't show up on the list until shortly before the tournaments. Here's what you do to pull up just the future, larger tournaments well ahead of time:

    (1) Click on "Tournaments" on the top bar, and then "Edit Search Settings" on the tournament listings.
    (2) Click on the "To" date and change the date to the next year on the drop-down list (e.g. 2022 now). Then click on any date within the month shown.
    (3) Remove the check mark on Event Size "Minor".
    (4) Remove the check marks on "Monthly", "Weekly" and "Daily" Events, leaving check marks only on the Medium ($5k-$25k) (orange) and Major (>$25k) (green) Single Event listings.
    (5) Click on "Search"... and there you are!
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