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    I have procrastinated for a month now on finishing the "real" Add a Tournament function to the site.
    Since it is still not available, I wanted to explain exactly how to work around that fact for now.
    Here is a step by step explanation of how to get to the one place where you can add a tournament.

    (This makes it look more complicated than it really is. Here's the short version: To add an event at a particular casino: First, find that casino's detail page. Then, click the "Add an event at this casino" link. Now, back to the in-depth explanation...)

    Step one, move your mouse over the "Tournaments" down arrow in the dark green bar at the top of the site.
    When the menu drops down, click on Casino List.


    Now that the casino list is showing, use the search box on the far right to narrow down your search to include the casino you want to add an event for. In my example, I'll assume it is one of the "Station" casinos in "Las Vegas".


    After clicking "Search", you will see the list of only the casinos that match your search:
    Then click on either the Name of the casino, or the View link next to the casino.
    Both do the same thing.


    Now that you are finally on the casino detail page, you can add an event to the casino. Here's where to look for the link:


    This seems like a lot of steps. Actually, it just means that you need to locate the Casino Details page for the casino first. Then it becomes easy to add an event.

    OK, let me explain why this is the only place you can add an event right now.
    I want to put an "Add Event" button in many places on the site, and I eventually will.
    But that button will have to then allow you to browse through the possible casinos and choose the right one.
    Since the screens to do that do not yet exist, I am leveraging the Casino List that already exists to skip that part.

    I'm sorry for the delay in finishing these last portions of the site redesign. Between my live casino opportunities and the launch of online gambling in New Jersey this week, other priorities have pushed this one aside for a bit. I'll get back on the project as soon as I can.
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