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    Major League Soccer

    Im still confused. This Mr Posh thing has been going on for weeks or months and the team still has the same record? Exhibition events? Is this pre season? Football has a well organized chain of events from pre season to playoffs. It builds on itself. I dont know what the heck is going on with MLS.:confused:
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    Looks like we'd need rather more than sixteen players! -

    Google, YouTube, Wikipedia - how did we ever survive without these things? :) That first video looks like it could be an excerpt from the documentary movie mentioned on the Wikipedia page. The second one looks like someone auditioning for a job on MTV. :D

    I'll resist the temptation to make any jokes about the nature of your balls.

    That does remind me though - poor David had to squirm on national TV when Victoria revealed to the nation that her nickname for him was 'Golden Balls'.
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    I can promise you one thing, the next time Rick is asked to host ANYTHING with a $10,000 entry fee ALL the players better be there with money in hand before I accept...LOL

    I've never had any job that was such a headache before!
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    Well, I hardly have my finger on the MLS pulse, but from what I can gather -
    • The season runs from April to November and follows the conventional U.S. approach to these things - an eastern and western conference, regular season, playoffs, and a final game between the two conference champions.
    • They don't appear to be on any kind of a mid-season break, but there is a separate mini-tournament underway - the SuperLiga - featuring four MLS teams (including LA Galaxy) and four Mexican teams. Apparently this is something new; I dont know how the teams qualified (is it invitational or open?:) ). The MLS schedule would have to accomodate these extra games.
    • As I mentioned before, the Galaxy haven't played an MLS game in ages, waiting for Beckham to arrive and hopefully boost ticket sales. They are finally due to play one against Toronto tomorrow. It's still not certain Beckham will play though, thanks to his sore ankle. (Can we expect the Canadians to riot if he doesn't show up?:D )
    • They've played four games since Beckham arrived. The first was an exhibition game against Chelsea (the English season is about to start and teams have been touring, playing pre-season warm-up games). That was the only game in which Beckham took to the field, playing the last fifteen minutes. The other three were SuperLiga games.

    And that is absolutely all I know about the MLS. :D
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