I'm in jail!!! What should I do?

Discussion in 'Other Games Tournament Strategy' started by Reachy, Dec 25, 2009.

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    Hi All

    When playing Monopoly and you end up in the slammer what should you do? Buy your way out straight away, buy your way out at some other point, or have your 3 rolls and hope to get a double to get out for free? All answers must be in Pounds Sterling :D


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    Great to see you posting, Reachy!

    There's a lot to consider before deciding whether to stay in jail. Early in the game when there are still properties to bought, you need to get out of jail. But later when all the properties are bought, staying in jail won't hurt you as much as getting out and paying rent will. You can still buy, sell, and trade with other players while in jail.

    These considerations are much more important than the $50 you pay to get out of jail. On average you make $170 each time you go around the board, and it takes you about five turns to move around the board once. So staying in jail costs you $170/5 = $34 per turn. The expected value of throwing the dice on the third turn hoping for a double is $50/6 = $8. So staying in jail hoping for a double on the third turn has an expected value of $34 + $34 + $34 - $8 = $94 to the bad.
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    Wait a Minute!

    I just reread the question and realized I didn't post my answer in pounds sterling!

    So I'm wrong and need to go directly to jail. Don't pass go.

    What's the currency conversion factor between pounds sterling and bananas?
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    I don't know the current conversion rate either. Or do you say either?

    However, Monkey's strategy is right on. But given his analysis there is another option. It will only work if you're engaged with three and four year olds or lubricated elders.

    Early on one might roll and go(breakout) or in the later stages having become used to the free meals, free sleeping quarters and being secure from the elements, roll and stay. ("It's only my second roll")

    It'll only work against non AP's,(three and four year olds and lubricated elders) but when it does work you've graduated to AP.
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    Thanks, Monkey!

    I knew there was a reason I never won at this game! :eek:

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