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  1. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to, the online community for casino tournament enthusiasts.

    Our message forums and event calendar are completely free. You can read messages or browse the events as a guest user, but in order to post or contribute you will need a free account and username.

    As a registered user, you get the benefit of many additional features, and you can also help our community maintain an accurate listing of casino tournaments.

    Rules and guidelines for forum usage:

    By registering and posting in our forums, you acknowledge your acceptance of these terms. Each section is detailed in the posts below.
    Our goal is to maintain this forum as a friendly and functional place for all members.
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  2. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Spam and Commercial Posts:
    • Posting of unsolicited commercial messages (spam) is prohibited at this site. Don't bother. It will just be deleted.
    • Users whose sole purpose of posting is to drop links to other sites will have those messages deleted, and banning will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    • To be clear, users who are genuine participants in the forums here are allowed to post links to other sites, including in their signature, as long as the posting of such links is not their sole purpose for participating.
    • Users are encouraged to report violations of the spam policy to the Moderators. Most spam is detected and removed quickly, but we occasionally overlook something.
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  3. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    General Conduct:
    • Show respect for other users.
    • Help build the community: The success of these forums depends on the quality posts of our participants. We are proud of the success of these forums, and sincerely thank all the users that have contributed to that success.
    • Personal attacks on users or moderators, either in public forums or in private conversations, will not be tolerated. The consequences of this behavior are at the discretion of the Administrator and Moderators, and possibly include permanent banning.
    • The use of profanity, racial, ethnic, or gender-based insults on this forum is inappropriate. We attract visitors of many ages, from many parts of the world. Posts that are insulting, offensive or inflammatory are subject to immediate removal without warning.
    • Posts that include or link to pornography will be removed, and the user will be banned.
    • Disagreements or intense discussions are perfectly permissible as long as posts do not become disruptive or offensive. Remember rule number one: Show respect for other users.
    • Posts should be constructive and on-topic, within reason.
    • Posting links to abusive messages on other message boards or websites in an effort to circumvent these restrictions will be treated as if the message had been posted here initially.
    • Users are limited to ONE username. Posting under multiple usernames will cause secondary usernames to be banned. Exceptions to this rule may be granted by the Administrator in cases where anonymity is prudent because of casino concerns.
    • Please post your message in the appropriate forum, with a title that is helpful to readers.
    • Please do not cross-post your message into multiple forums. Posts that are duplicates will be removed.
    • If you see a post that violates these rules, do not reply to the post. Instead, report it to the staff by clicking the "Report" button on the post.
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  4. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Private Conversations:
    Private conversations (PC or PM) allow users to communicate privately with each other here without having to share email addresses.
    • Do not send spam or unsolicited commercial messages via PC. You will be banned.
    • Sending personal attacks or physical threats is a "one-strike" offense, and the consequences are loss of PC privilege.
    • If you are considering asking a question of another user by PC, consider first posting it to the public forums if appropriate. Questions asked and answered there are beneficial to the entire community.
    • Do not publicly post the contents of any PC or email on the public forum without permission of the other user.
    • Private messages are not monitored, so any violation of the above guidelines should be reported to the staff.
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  5. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Identity Concerns:

    Because of the unique nature of the relationship between casinos and players, many players prefer to remain anonymous when posting about casino events. With that in mind,
    • Do not post any personally identifiable information that ties a particular username to a particular person.
    • Before congratulating a fellow user on a tournament win, please contact that user to see if they are comfortable with public disclosure of their win. Use common sense in this area.
    • Requests to edit posts to remove personal information will be honored by the staff. Use the "Report" button.
    • Do not publicly post email addresses, telephone numbers, or address information about other users. You are also strongly urged to consider not publicly posting this information about yourself.
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