Isle of Capri - Lake Charles, LA INVITATIONAL BJ Tourn

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  1. I just got invited to this few days ago but forgot how to add events on the calendar here... it's taking place next weekend same as the Hard Rock one so ofc i wont be going to this one (let alone it's hella WEAK) 1st place is only $5K and they pay Top 20.... I inquired if it was an Accumulation type as it said only 2 rds but no email reply yet.............
  2. UPDATE: Still no reply from the host whom I sought the rules to.
  3. Am I the only person who got this invite???
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    That casino is closed now. I did play that tournament years ago. It is accumulation tournament of 2 rounds. Each round is about 10 or 12 hands. The twist is the second round, you get double the score for your chips. They then add the scores from both rounds together. It used to be bigger size but now is one 15K and most prices are promo one time use chips but you can play this chips on roulette there if you want.
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  5. What's the best way to tackle this type of tournament?
  6. KenSmith

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    Set your target. (Many threads here on that topic)
    Bet the max (or all in) every hand until you get there.

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