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    As of last Monday (March 17), they had 102 fully paid entries out of a possible 126 for the Quebec Masters Series Grand Finale. So, we should expect the prize pool to be restructured lower. Still, as it stands, the prize pool will be at least 204k (entry fee 2k). How they will restructure it, I don't know, but it will surely be top heavy.

    The Grand Finale starts tomorrow night (March 20) with the first of three qualification rounds to win a spot for the semi-finals. The other two qualification rounds will be played friday.

    This first round is accumulation only and will qualify the top six non qualified top scores of this round to the semi-finals.

    On Friday, you get two chances to win your table to qualify for the semis. If you don't, they'll reveal the results of the Thursday night accumulation round and the top six non qualified scores are in.

    In the semis, the six table winners will move to the final table and they will draw a wild card for the seventh spot.

    So the strategy for the accumulation round is simple. Try to quadruple your initial bankroll of 5000 chips (minimum bet 25, max bet 2000)!!!

    Good luck everybody!!!
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