Joe 86'd on CSM Mace more or less

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (Other areas)' started by bjmace, Apr 11, 2008.

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    The second we got on ship a carnival representive came to confirm that Joe was not only not allowed to play there CSM only BJ game but no other Table or fruit in Casino lol, To make matters funnier after putting big bets in at certain times on a CSM and winning 5/6 with 4 of which doubles I have been asked not to play in that style anymore or i will have to leave Casino area wtf lol :cool:
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  2. ANDY 956

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    Ubt Dvd

    Hey Mace I hope that you and Joe are behaving yourselves on the ship.

    The postman has finally delivered UBT The Complete Season this morning (My mates on here leftnut and toonces should be pleased for meā€¦lol).

    I will be going out to the pub for few pints this afternoon and watch it later.

    Enjoy the cruise.

    Andy ;)

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