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    Hello Folks, First of all Joe can fight his own battles just fine,however,to inform you folks of the Joe Pane Group & just where this all comes from.Last year I was playing BJ @ the Stardust & Joe was there observing (he of course was not allowed to play) the play of a fellow BJ player.Joe & I had a pleasant conversation during this time.After Joe & his friend left,the pit boss came over to me & asked if I knew who that was?I responded of course I know,it's Joe Pane.The pit boss asked me if I was a member of the Joe Pane Group?I said ,what if I am?He said then I will have to ask you to Quit playing,because all members of the Joe Pane Group are not permitted to play here & run their MIT schemes here.So this is where the Joe Pane Group comes from & being asked to not play or be backed off of a table.This is what Joe was referring to for happybunnytrix.Just so you folks know. Thanks, Luxor
  2. CelticAngel

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    Hello Ken and to whomever this concerns,

    I joined this site because I have an interest in blackjack in general. No, I am not a part of the current blackjack “culture.” Having said that, I have a family history steeped in expert gaming – and that of a serious nature, at that.

    I would like to see this game better represented than I currently recognize it as such. There is an underachieving, low caliber, back alley nonsense permeating the system currently…
    A trash-talking, everyday is Halloween; clown at every event, as well as on every forum.

    Whether certain individuals on this forum recognize this or not, respect for the game, the skill, and for you as a player lies within the dignity of which you carry yourself. For men, it is behaving like gentlemen in the presence of women. For women, it is in representing themselves with standards that articulate they can and will, intellectually compete at an authentic level without the use of sexual illusion and innuendo. On both dimensions it is simply called “class.”
    And – it is an excellent strategy…

    As for any medium of blackjack and gambling in general, utilizing channels of behavior, self-expression, conduct, and dress are the most effective means of either destroying or building popularity and success therein.

    If one wishes to be received with a posture of respect, he should behave as a living representative of the respect he wishes to receive. If he wishes the sport of blackjack to be approached as a game of skill, then he needs to behave as one who may legitimately receive respect for his skill… not by bullying or threatening, not by trash-talking, not by utilizing crude and childish vernacular, but by conducting himself within the standards of a professional.

    If Joe Pane or anyone else does not wish others to understand that which is being spoken of, then it is better left unsaid on a public forum. And, the best strategy would dictate as such, as well. If he does wish others to know that which he is speaking of, and if it is his desire to educate others on his game of choice, then his "best bet" would be to utilize terminology that is befitting of a professional and befitting of a man with the standards of one. It should be said also, that an appreciation and regard for those with a layman level of understanding, is likewise an integral part of being a self-confident professional, rather than a smart-mouthed thug. I said earlier, I have a Thanksgiving to prepare for… I won’t return to this forum until a later date…

    Best wishes to all.
  3. Joep

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    Practice What You Preach

    As such, I think I'll sit back, watch the fireworks, humor myself, and just take notes for awhile.

    But in the meantime, if you don't mind my inquiring, how many of you does it take to screw in a lightbulb?[/quote]

    Nice post Celtic Devil

    But you should try to practice what you preach, look above at a quote from you in post # 30 of this thread, you know one of your "Professional" worded post. Is this the example you are asking us to follow? :joker:

    You keep on telling us you are leaving to attend to your Holiday plans but you ugly head keeps on reappearing here whats up with that?

    One final point that should be made to you I think you have lost your place. This site is blackjack your family's history steeped in expert gambling would be best served if you were directed to the site that you could use to continue your family stellar history. You should waddle over to

    Happy Thanksgiving to you are you family

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  4. CelticAngel

    CelticAngel Banned User

    make corrections, then re-post

    Dear Joe,
    I had a moment, thought I'd take a look, and just as I predicted, you were unable to contain yourself for any length of time. Do you ever re-read what you've written prior to submitting its content? You've made repetitive errors, and a great deal of what you've conjured up is senseless jibberish... Re-read, make corrections, then re-post... this will be an excellent beginning to the "new Joe." And - do calm down my dear man, you're about to blow a gasket! Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe "think" before you act.

    I'm here for you Joe...
  5. Joep

    Joep Active Member

    You should be there for the TURKEY not me,at this rate it's never going to get cooked in time.

    I can see it now the Celtic Devil family who is steeped in expert gambling had to eat their Holiday dinner at KFC because MOMMA:joker: couldn't find her way to the kitchen.I appreciate all the attention you have bestowed upon me.I love attention

  6. CelticAngel

    CelticAngel Banned User Joe's safe...

    You are most welcome!

    The only thing that surprised me on this one... is that Cherrysoup didn't beat you to the post...

    You're so predictable Joe, and as such, so very, very vulnerable. It's sad really...

    But, as for turkeys or chickens, we're vegetarians Joe... so, I guess you're safe. LOL And, as for me, I haven't any children... so, "Momma," I'm not...

    Anything else?
  7. Joep

    Joep Active Member


    Celtic Devil you seem to have a need for every word to be broken down for you. MOMMA was just an endearing term that I used to address you with.It meant no indication as to how many if any children that you have brought into this world.

    All this attention that you have decided to give me makes my heart just skip a beat.I hope the man ? :p ? in your life, is not jealous of your infatuation with me

    But really go tend to your Tofu/Turkey it really needs you to rub some oil on it.

    When you get done with that come visit me, Please don't forget to bring the oil when you come. :laugh:

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  8. CelticAngel

    CelticAngel Banned User

    Big Daddy...

    Dearest Joseph,
    In late Medieval thought, Lucifer, aka the Devil, was considered to have been a prominent archangel in heaven - you know, just like Michael, the archangel. But then Lucifer, being the problem child that he was, supposedly upset God and was cast out of heaven, along with a third of the heavenly host, and as such, came to reside in the world... So, you may still refer to me as CelticAngel if you'd like, it would be totally appropriate for you to do so, but CelticDevil does have a certain ring to it...and, you know, it did come just from you...

    Lucifer is a Latin word meaning "light-bearer" (from lux, "light", and ferre, "to bear, bring").

    So anyway, love and "light" to you Big Daddy...and, you have a great evening... I certainly plan to...
  9. Joep

    Joep Active Member

    Big MOMMA

    I hope you are not a "BIG" Momma. Because if you are you will have to bring a few gallon's of oil.:rolleyes:

    But I will no longer respond to anymore of your post as I don't want to have to bear the burden of your family's holiday dinner not being prepared on time since you are now obsessed with me and seem to be sitting by your computer thinking of cute little thinks to say to me. I'm smitten :laugh:

  10. cherrysoup

    cherrysoup New Member

    so Luxor....

    so Luxor....are you a member of the JoeP group? :D

    I wanna be a member too!!!

    sorry CelticAngel....I was busy preparing my ButterBall Turkey...I'll check back every half hour as do you, from now on...NOT! :laugh:

    love ya PPPPane :D

    Thanks for setting up the tourny tonight Joey :) that was fun!
  11. CelticAngel

    CelticAngel Banned User


    I think it's sweet that you're smitten with me... but, I'm afraid I'm taken...
    and anyway, I'm just a little, itty bitty thing. My heart belongs to another...

    But, I do believe Cherrysoup and you would make a lovely couple...
    My best to both of you!

    Now that the romance between us has come and gone... let's talk blackjack!

    Ciao Bello,
    CelticAngel aka CelticDevil
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    cherub44 New Member

    Hey cherrysoup,

    What is your login name on Bet21? I don't remember seeing you tonight, but I didn't really look who was at the other table.
  13. CelticAngel

    CelticAngel Banned User

    He needed help...

    Thanks for the "private message" Joe. Thought we could "share." So, here's yours to me:
    Re: Just a little fat boy
    Originally Posted by Joep
    You have been outed

    And here's mine to you:
    Is this the best you can do Joe, my boy? I'm not fat or male...LOL, but it's fun to see how easily thrown off track you are... ;-) You know, you remind me of someone I knew awhile back... he, too, had a serious problem with "diarreah of the mouth"... He needed help establishing a connection between his brain and his tongue. "Ultimate"ly, someone helped him with it - and he's doing a lot better now.

    Ahhh, the wonders of modern medicine!

    Later ...
  14. noman

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    Reachy, Colin, Droogie:

    In addition to JOEP's response on the team chasing the overlayed slots, I witnessed a "team" of video poker overlay chasers getting booted from everyone's favorite place, The Starbust, during a BJ tourney. These guys were in the tourney and had advanced a couple of rounds, when they were told to leave the premises. They had just hit a huge payout on the VP and I don't know whether they got the money, or their money for the BJ tourney back. That particular Starbust Tourney was live money, $600 sit down per round, plus the $375 entry. They must have had a pretty good parting gift since they advanced a number of rounds. I also believe they were "backed" off at Greektown in Detroit for doing the same thing, just about the same time the slot group JOEP talks about were.

    Any sort of seeming collaboration seems sufficient grounds for the suits to ask a group to leave. Individuals on slots, craps, vp, roulette can get away with a lot more winnings than a BJ player.

    While I truly admire and respect Jean Scott, I'm amazed she can continue to reap huge comps and payoffs playing VP and slots, as knowledeablly as she does without getting backed off. She's got books and blogs and is in the Hall of Fame and is so well know, you go figure why the suits don't mind her play, but get all in a tither about a BJ player making a 10 spread or revealing himself by hitting into stiffs. And that paranoia just runs rampant over anyone who wins more than once or twice at any one place and doesn't have the "pedigree" of a researched "high roller."

    AND THE BEAT GOES ON........
    Other items in the thread:

    There is an "ignore" button.

    You never know where you might find something useful.

    Paning for GOLD is a tedious, time consuming effort, sifting through all the dirt for that occassional shinny reward. Worth it in the long run, for the journey.

    Coal mining too, is a dirty, dangerous job, but that light at the end of the tunnel, or top of the shaft....

    In spite of the highest ideals, we all don't "like" everybody. Or like "everything" about "somebody."

    But again, you never know where you might find something useful. In the meantime, you keep sifting the dirt. Better to be exposed to it, so that you can find out if someone really confirms that they are a fool, rather than your wondering. And I AM NOT alluding to any particular individual with that last comment. (trite) You know what they say about pointing a finger. The one points away and the other three point back.

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to the US and to the Brits, "Thanks for the TEA" and crumpits and wit.
  15. CelticAngel

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    What a romantic!

    This is how Joe first "privately" introduced himself to me:



    Trust me it would be a win win situation for really should not speak negative things about me, especially when you don't even know me .Unless of course you are being coached to say and do these things. If thats the case bless your heart.In the end you will find that its a good thing to be on my side.The others will lead you down the wrong road

    Wanna have your Cherry Popped ?

    I could help you with that

    In a casino OH COURSE !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have A Great Day

    Your new friend
    Joe P
    Welcome To The "House Of Pain".Where "If you want to know.....ASK JOE"

    What a romantic!
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    To whom it may concern!

    Somebody, anybody, just stop this stupidness! Nobody is looking good here!

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    Angel all I can say is put him on ignore NOW. If you dont you are in for two freak show PMs per day. Amazingly my first PMS were almost exactly like yours, and they got more and more freaky every day!
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    Thats pretty vulgar Reachy!

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