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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Joep, Nov 20, 2006.

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    You can take it

    That's how this thread is making me feel! Various members of this forum can't control themselves and feel they need to spout bile all day long. I actually don't care who it offends because to my mind it is one of the least offensive posts here. This forum is being ruined by malicious, vindictive, personal hate mail and those responsible can't stop. I don't know whether it's come to people's attention but this forum is on the brink. The new law in the US regarding internet gambling has undoubtedly impacted massively on the viability of this forum. What incentive has Ken got to maintain a site that is just full of venom and little else? Especially now that it is far less important to him from a business point of view? I know what I'd do in his position.

    If anybody wants to kill this forum carry on posting this sort of shit! But I'm sick and tired of it and I want it to stop. NOW! And if this forum is going down, I going down with it and I'm going to fight!

    Now f***ing grow up the lots of ya!


    PS. Note that there was no "cheers" before my name. That means I am NOT happy.

    PPS. If you want to know what Barney was refering to a vulgar, I've removed it as I wouldn't want to upset anybody ;) . I thought it was quite funny actually and it summed up how I was feeling (and probably a few others as well). It was an animated .gif file that showed a stick man getting increasingly angry with his computer until he smashed his face it to it. There was blood.
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  2. CelticAngel

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    No offense taken...

    Please recognize guys... I am not offended, nor have I ever been... My responses are not coming from a place of personal offense... that would be selfish on my part. My responses are coming from a desire to educate... that indeed, if changes are not made, not only will this forum be in jeopardy, but the interests which support this forum, as well.
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    This image says it all.

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  4. rookie789

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    Desire to Educate


    You may not be offended but I am offended by your uppity attitude that its necessary for you to educate members of this forum that have enjoyed and/or contributed to it's existance for months and years not days as you have.

    happybunnytrix educated us in her post approximately 20% of your member life ago yet you feel it necessary to make 57% of the posts to this thread since happybunnytrix's explanation and even after Ken Smith called it "crud, crud, crud". Maybe the changes you suggest should start internally so we tenured members are not in jeopardy.

    I don't mean this to offend or add crud but my mother once made a statement about someone this thread reminds me of "poor thing, she just doesn't have enough real problems to worry about".
  5. CelticAngel

    CelticAngel Banned User

    So, you live in a real world...

    Only "you" can place yourself in jeopardy...

    And protecting yourself from placing yourself in jeopardy begins by using a degree of well-projected self-control... as well as that brain - tongue connection I mentioned earlier...

    So, you live in a real world where a degree of moral aptitude is generally required to be successful; not to mention a degree of intellect. Most of us have learned by about age 3, that we thrive in an environment where we must be accountable for our self-expressions... I find it amazing such a forum exists where absolutely no controls are placed on full-grown adults... unfortunately, too many people are finding such lackings go with the territory... and as such, both the bans and the legislations will continue to represent this ever-growing and pervasive sense that the general public is just plain "fed up."

    I've recognized that a particular antic, one in which the "forum bully" freely and consistently demonstrates his lack of self-control and immaturity, and then if challenged, in comes his backup reinforcements utilizing the same, as an antic perpetually utilized here.. As if, numbers and constancy will somehow render freedom to behave like tantrum throwing three-year olds...This is a very ineffective bluff...

    If anyone on this forum wishes to continue to behave like a mal-adjusted child, by all means do so. It isn't me you offend, or place a risk... it is you, your fellow blackjack players, as well as the game of blackjack itself.

  6. elyssez

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    Okay Then.....


    First things first.

    Rookie is well-know for remaining neutral on most heated debates/differences on this site. Generally when he does post an interjection, it's timely and pertinent. So to attack him....and don't bother posting that was not your intention, because it's quite clear to most members here, it completely sophomoric.

    But lets get to the real issue here. For someone who's just joined the site, you seemed to have fallen into quite a nice rhythm of attacking members. Mostly Joep, but others as well. So here's a suggestion: Call into Joep's radio show next week. You seem to love bantering with him, why not do it live. And while most of us here seem to think your attacks are fueled by other nefarious characters, this would also give you a chance to explain the reasoning behind your various comments.

    Please, do call in....inquiring minds REALLY do want to know.
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  7. CelticAngel

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    Best of luck...

    Elyssez, and to those it may concern,

    If you're of the mind to defend Joe, you certainly are within your rights to do so. As for my observations, each and every one has been fueled by astonishment that anyone, including Joe, can get away with such a high degree of impropriety, threatening manner of speech, and unbridled disrespect and disregard for his fellow human being...

    Yet, as such, recognizably, it isn't just Joe's fault here. It is yours as well, and any and every other self-inflicted patsy who chooses to roll over and allow Joe's overgrown, disgusting infantile behavior to run rampant over every meaning of civilized decorum.

    As for whomever Joe, you, or anyone else might think I am, or “work” for, again – you embarrass yourselves with how very easily thrown you are… I don’t know every detail as to who Joe is at odds with, or why -- but I “do” know, that without any doubt, he is making a total fool of himself by thinking anyone who challenges his lack of etiquette and restraint is one of “them” or working for them. Think about it, whoever this person is, or people are, he/she, or they, must be laughing hysterically over all of this… Poor Joe, chasing his tail around and around, but never really getting anywhere, except to discredit himself, and his game of choice. Come on folks, there is a very large world outside your door…

    Now, I recognize how popular this banter between Joe and me has become. And, as Joe specified in an earlier reply, he loves attention… well, he certainly has had more than his share.

    Per your request that I phone some sort of radio show… wouldn’t I simply be aiding and abetting more of Joe’s ill need for notice? However, if Joe would like to speak to me personally and privately he is welcome to supply me with his personal phone number, or any number where he can be reached privately, and I will be happy to phone him, if for no other reason to prove to him that I am not who he speculates…

    It is obvious to me that someone/something has hurt Joe deeply, and that some of you who attempt to defend his pitiable conduct, empathize with him. And while I commend you for your loyalty, I am appalled at your lack of self-respect or ability to think for yourselves. I would encourage you to attempt to reason with him and help him to understand he is not gaining ground behaving as he does…Prejudiced and unfair treatment towards anyone is not acceptable, but such behavior is not remedied by the same…

    I, for one, have grown to dislike Joe immensely, but as unsuspected as it is for me, I have grown to have a degree of compassion for him - in that those who claim to adamantly support him are actually encouraging his very downfall.

    If someone would like to detail for me, in detail, what exactly has happened to generate this deprecating behavior in this man, please feel free to do so… If you can do so in a manner of courtesy, you may private message me and what is spoken of will stay between you and I. Regardless, Joe's behavior is not acceptable, and it is most definitely in his own best interest that he recognize it as not acceptable, and soon.

    At this point, it isn’t the game of blackjack that is gaining, but rather the game of verbal jousting… and as such, blackjack and Joe will suffer…

    No more of this public debacle. If Joe loves the game of blackjack, he’ll learn to restrain himself and behave like a gentleman. If Joe is only interested in scrounging around in his garbage can of a mentality for attention on his own behalf, then he’ll continue to carry on as he has been…and at the detriment of everything and everyone else… including those of you who follow this guy through thick and thin, without serious thought of where you're headed - and ultimately at the detriment of himself and his own personal investments.

    As for me, I’ve grown somewhat disinterested … and, I couldn't care less whether Joe stays or goes... or me either, for that matter...

    This forum, at its most lethal, has the potential to seriously harm the game of blackjack, as well as any commercial endeavors therein... what it doesn't have the ability to do, is to make a success of anything or anyone.... at best, stability is in order. Stability was not present prior to my entry, it has not become present since my entry, and it will not exist upon my departure... At this point, except for a small amount of time, I have no investment in this forum whatsoever, and likewise, whatever becomes of Joe, you, UBT, or the game of blackjack in general, is of no measureable personal significance nor consequence to me. Yet, it has been interesting, and I've quickly and without sizeable effort found the answers and information I was looking for... so, thank you so very much!

    Best of luck to those of you who remain - "stuck."
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    Oh mein gott!

    I tried. I tried. I tried. I wanted to stay out of this. But Satan overtook me. Has controls of me fingers on the keyboard. Forgive me all, as I should try and forgive myself. mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa....

    Whatever started all THIS. And it appears to have been private and should have stayed that way.

    A pronouncement by the honorable Celtic(shish what a slam) Angel( God Almighty, another slam), tripped my trigger.

    Refer to your last post: In the realm of rationality and benefits or detirments to THIS SITE, or BJ, or BJ tournaments overall, what the H E, double hockey sticks are YOU trying to say?

    Or do you have a penny for a butt and you want to retain all your life savings of coins?

    Detriment to BJ and this site? What have you contributed?
  11. CelticAngel

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    No, not really...LOL.

    As I said, in my last reply, "best of luck to those of you who remain "stuck."

    You've clearly made my point, thank you.

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