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  1. London Colin

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    ... where I had a great time, and took part in the 'European Masters of Blackjack'. As is always the case, the name of the event makes the whole thing sound a little more grand than it is in reality. :D

    Six of us qualified via an online promotion to take part in a single-table tournament, taking place during the European Masters of Poker event, at the resort of Sunny Beach. As it happens, one of the six did not show up, and in the ensuing five-horse race, I'm afraid I have to report that I limped home in fourth place. :)

    I got €1500, compared to €6000 for the winner, and €500 for the guy who stayed at home!

    It was quite an interesting format. Some of the details had to be thrashed out at the last minute. I'd been a little bit disappointed that I could't get hold of precise rules in advance of the tournament, but things were handled very well on the day.

    There was no max bet, which was a shame, but that detail of the rules was one of those which actually was given out in advance, so it would probably have been wrong to change it.

    The main feature of note is that this was a form of EBJ, with the last man going out, until we got all the way down to a winner. The exact wording of the rules was -

    The thing I quite like about this, compared to the UBT version of EBJ, is that if a player goes out early, before the scheduled elimination hand, that signifies the end of the level, so you never have to worry about finding yourself suddenly descending to the position of BRL, with only one or two hands to go before the next scheduled elimination.

    In fact if two players should lose all their chips on the same hand, the result is that a level is skipped; the current level is always a function of the number of players remaining.

    What do you all think of the format?
  2. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    Congratulations on making the event, even though perhaps the cards didn't cooperate to the extent you would have preferred.

    The format is an interesting one.

    You certainly got to play lots of hands. I think the longest round I've ever played was 60 hands in the early Stardust events.

    The important change you mention from UBT is key of course. I remember the absolute terror that could be invoked at UBT when the low bankroll went all-in a couple of hands before the elimination round. But it was pretty fun at times.

    On the other hand, it definitely led to situations where several bottom bankrolls ended up all-in on the elimination hands turning survival into something of a luck-fest.

    I guess I would prefer the Bulgarian variant.
  3. noman

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    Ken summed it up. I'd prefer the Bulgarian Baluca
  4. London Colin

    London Colin Top Member

    Thanks, Ken. I'm not sure my brain cooperated fully either. I can think of a few things I could have done better.

    Though, with the field steadily diminishing, the total time taken might be quite similar to that 60-hand event. Due to the absentee, only four of the five levels were played. I think each level went the full distance, and the overall duration was about two or maybe two and a half hours.

    That was my feeling. I does seem preferable.
  5. maliha3492

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    Hi all, this is my first post here. Are there any tournaments that are held in the East Midlands of the UK and if not where is closest? Thanks in advance.
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  6. gronbog

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    Hi and welcome! Have you checked out the event calendar here (https://www.blackjacktournaments.com/tournaments/)? Looks like there's nothing listed in the UK during the coming month, but perhaps that will change. Another source is to look for "promotions" or "events" on the web sites of your local casinos. Failing that, some tournaments are not well advertised, especially the invitational ones. You may be able to find out about upcoming events by asking a casino host.
  7. London Colin

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    Gronbog, I'm afraid you are replying to a spam bot; maliha3492's post is just a copy and paste of an earlier genuine post.
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    Ahhh, thanks for that. I tend to side on the chance of the post being real. However, it's probably a clue when an old thread is bumped with an off-topic question.
  9. KenSmith

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    Doh! He had me fooled too. Banned.
    I should have checked the IP straight away.
    It's pretty unlikely that someone in Pakistan is interested in UK events!

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