Kansas Crossing tournament

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (USA)' started by johnr, Mar 25, 2021.

  1. johnr

    johnr Top Member

    Kansas Crossing Casino.
    Going to invite tournament there March 27. I know about none of details. Anyone else going to it?
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  2. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member

    Where is this casino located?

    Billy C
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  3. johnr

    johnr Top Member

    It is at Pittsburg Kansas, I have played there in years past they were small. I did not ask the size, I was just happy to get invite with room comp and it is less than 2 hours away. Will fill in details after Sat.
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  4. MrPill

    MrPill Active Member

    Hey Billy,
    That's about 60 miles closer to you than Buffalo Run. Still 11 .5 hours from me. Looking forward to what Johnr has to say about it.
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  5. johnr

    johnr Top Member

    It was a very small 16 invitees with the top 4 to get parts of $1000 and 1st to play last week's 1st for another $1000 I lost out 2nd round. All rounds 2 players 1 advance. Still good fun if any of you folks are within driving distance.
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