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  1. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Congratutions to Kenny E. & Hollywood Dave on advancing to the next round of the King of Vegas which aired on Spike TV tonight.

    I hope one of you win the Million Dollars first prize.

    Good Luck guys.
  2. rookie789

    rookie789 Active Member

    It's still 10 minutes before the "King of Vegas" airs in California and I now know the outcome before watching the show, I'm going to make some calls and place some bets. When you can do this with Rick's Picks let me know LOL.
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  3. Hollywood

    Hollywood New Member

    One round down, nine to go...

    Place your bets!

  4. Joep

    Joep Active Member

    Poker Players

    Hollywood whats with the Asian chick pushing you away.Some players think they are better than everyone.I hope you send her packing.Blackjack player's will always have more class
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  5. chipsmccoy

    chipsmccoy New Member

    Who Shot JR Ewing?

    I agree - it reminds me of a few (actually, quite a few!) years back when those of us in the Central Time Zone knew "Who (really) shot JR?" before those of you all on the West Coast did!!

  6. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Was that the 2nd show?

    Rookie, was the 10:00 pm (pst) the first or 2nd showing of "King of Vegas"?

    In Texas they showed it back to back at 8:00 & 9:00 pm (cst). I would have thought they would already be on the 2nd showing in California before I posted at 11:29 pm (cst), that is 9:29 pm your time, Sorry.

    Anyway congrat's to both Kenny & Dave again.
  7. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

  8. Ebony Princess

    Ebony Princess New Member

    Loved it!

    Just wanted to give my congrats to you fellows! Great performances on and off the table.

    Hollywood, nice to see you've calmed down some.:) Kenny, didn't know you were so funny. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole show. Can't wait to catch the next one.

    Buena suerte! (good luck)
  9. toonces

    toonces Member

    Good Luck, Hollywood.

    This show is a little painful to watch for me, probably because I got the impression from the Chicago tryouts that I was going to make the show. They later told me that in filling out the cast, they couldn't fit me in. In seeing the format, I get the impression that I was competing with Alan Borman for the sole spot of "young guy who has the knowledge to be a pro, but is a weekend gambler". The roster they went with was:

    6 pros:
    2 male top blackjack tournament pros (well, 1 pro and hollywood) :)
    1 female blackjack tournament name (don't really know enough about Joanna)
    2 male poker pros
    1 female poker pro

    6 amateurs:
    2 male action junkies with silly nicknames
    1 male weekend pro-wannabe
    1 male casino exec
    1 male old classic vegas player
    1 female semi-competent player

    The show desperately needs a Max Rubin as a commentator; that is someone who knows and tell the audience what the good players are or should be thinking. Instead, the commentators have little understanding of the strategy of a blackjack tournament, as you can see when they get excited about Big Boy hitting a 17 or Matisow taking the dealer's hole card.

    The other problem with the show is that by fitting in 5 tournaments into a 1 hour show, the whole thing feels like a highlight reel, and especially at poker, it's hard to follow the chip counts and the table.
  10. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    While I certainly wish Hollywood and Kenny E the best of luck on this show, it really struck me as pretty much a train wreck.

    The commentator is clueless, and the production isn't anywhere close to what we've come to expect.

    Like any train wreck, I'm sure I'll tune in to see how it turns out. But I can tell already that I'm a little relieved I didn't make the cut to participate.

    With the exception of Kenny and HD, I expect the level of skilled play to approximate what we saw on Celebrity Blackjack. That's aside from the poker portions, which will probably be well-played by the poker pros.

    As for results, I'll be happy as long as anyone other than that sleazeball Todd wins it!
  11. Joep

    Joep Active Member

    Spkie This !!

    I believe that Spike TV in it's rush to get this show on the air in such a quick turn around time, remember they filmed this in December.This created the train wreck that Ken refers to.I will watch it because I know 4 of the people on the show and unless they make it to the end I will never know who won it .Its that painful to watch.The blackjack round was non informative to a non blackjack tournament player isnt that who their target audience should be.Educate the non players like they do in poker shows show the win percentages make the rookies feel like they could do this also.
  12. Hollywood

    Hollywood New Member

    Tough to compare

    good comments by all, and certainly this show is geared more towards the general public than the AP community... what must've been difficult in editing this series is that we played every game for over a half hour (in fact i think it was something like 45 minutes) not to mention all the interviews, etc... which meant they must've had like 6 hours of footage for every episode, and an hour TV show is really only something like 42 minutes without commercials! so of course they only get to show the best 4-5 hands of any given game, and some of the in-depth analysis goes out the window as a result.

    i'm glad the show came across as fun as it was to shoot -- we were all definately having a blast out there, and it translated well in the final cut. Shows like this (and Celebrity Blackjack) definately focus more on this aspect of the game, rather than the high-brow analysis of other gambling shows, and as a result its hard to compare the two genres. For as much as we were all out there trying to win that million bucks, it was just as much about the personality and the interaction as well. Apples and oranges.

    BUT, if you really want the analysis behind it all, i'd be happy to answer any specific questions about the strategy that different players used on each episode as it comes up (with, of course, the disclaimer that since i cannot reveal any results ahead of time, my show-by-show analysis can only continue until the theoretical point at which i may -- or may not be -- knocked out!).

    For instance, one thing that comes to mind from last night's episode during the blackjack segment is the fantastic last hand. it was a classic 6 man race for the top 3 spots, and for me, came down to a decision i had to make with a hard 13 against the dealer ten. The way all the players had bet and acted up to this point, the only way i could not end up BR3 or better is if the dealer made exactly a 17. A total of 18 or higher means Kenny E loses with his 17 up & i take his spot, and a dealer bust gives me the chip lead over two other players who had taken the low. i estimated my chances at something like 92% to win by waving off (provided Alan to the left of me also waved off on his two nines, instead of splitting them -- which he did), a much better chance than the odds of risking a crippling bust of my own by taking a hit. Of course, the dealer flips the 7 in the hole and i'm forced to keep playing...

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  13. instagator

    instagator New Member

    King of Vegas Selection

    Who picked these finalists- the NFL Refs?
    Wayne Allen Root? Rick can pick football better than this has been.
    Then you've got a beached whale, a guy in a clown suit, and a player on a respirator.
    Where are the milti game pros like Anthony, JoeP, Blair, and Ken Smith?
    Wouldn't Angie and Regina at the same table make good TV, almost as good as Helmuth and Hollywood.
    And yes Max would be a welcomed assition.
    I should have worn my Elvis outfit to the Atlatic City audition.
    Good luck Dave and Kenny.
  14. toolman1

    toolman1 Active Member

    King Of Bad Shows

    First off, I wish Kenny and Dave the best of luck. Hay, we're talking $1,000,000.

    Now for the meat. Wait a minute. There is none! Ken put it best as a "train wreck" then instagator describes how the train wreck was constructed. I can't possibly top that.

    This was some of the worst TV I have experienced.:vomit: To think that I wasted TIVO time (those machines do have a limited life) because I couldn't watch the original airing. But unlike Ken Smith, I will not be watching the rest of the series. I figure by the end of the series there will only be 10 maybe 15 viewers, if their lucky. No wonder nobody watches this network.

    To those that are wondering, the answer is yes. It's more fun to watch CELEBRITY BLACKJACK. Wait a minute, has that been canceled?
  15. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    If Kenny or Dave don't win it, I hope the Chainsaw guy in the red suit does. I think I need one of those suits.
  16. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Trying to be nice!

    I am trying to be nice in case they do it again next year, I would like a chance at a million dollars...LOL

    Ken you can have the red suit, I'll just wear my hat.

    Was it only 3-4 hands or spins for each session or is that all we got to see? If it was only a few plays on each game it could be anybodies million at the end.
  17. Sidekick

    Sidekick New Member


    Ouch. This show gave me heart burn.

    Golf has Caddyshack, Casino games have King of Vegas
  18. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Pretty good Sidekick

    I was thinking more like Pro wrestling meets casino gaming tournaments.

    "And Chainsaw hit's big and starts cutting up the table"...LOL
  19. meatwad

    meatwad New Member

    lol, good one. :D It seems to always boil down to: The more hype a series gets, the more it sucks! :dude::whip:

    Hmm, maybe their real intentions were to come out with all the additional footage on DVD after the series is over....I think that's going to backfire if that's the case...
  20. Reality

    With all due rerspect to my friends on this show, Hollywood dave, Joanna and Kenny, this show truly sucks. It is a far from reality as any gaming or tournament gaming show that i have ever seen. Details can follow for those who watch with blinders on (no disrespect meant Regina) but I believe that most of you know exactly what I mean.

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