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    I just talked to Joep and he explained what was going on about the A-A, then the call of "Soft 12"!

    All I was seeing on the posts were A-A-9 and I knew something was wrong when Joep say that was right. One thing I'll never kid Joep about is counting or playing wrong.

    Thanks DavidM
  2. 21playerBJ

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    What was the casino exec thinking of?????

    I had to turn away from the TV last nite as the casino exec drew his 9 to give him a 21...........but then why did he hit again?.........did he DD (or at least DD for less since he didn't have enough to split the original two aces). Seems like this guy just might be representative of a typical casino exec. He doesn't know what is really going on down on the floor and in the pits. This lack of field experience must be a pre-requisite for casino management positions........since they act and respond with impulsive reactions to players who demonstrate a little AP skill.

    Anyways, glad to see that he is gone. I think he got what he deserved. An early boot out of the pit.........just like I am sure that he has given or instructed to give to other AP's.

    Congratulations to Hollywood Dave and Kenny E. on their great performance last nite. HD sure showed how important it is to use the numbers in calculating, placing and playing the bet/cards. Way to go Dave. I was pumpin' my fist for you when you drew the cards and advanced.
  3. 21playerBJ

    21playerBJ New Member

    Like a fly on stink

    By the way Dave, I thoroughly enjoyed the way you 'back hand' waved off Chainsaw when you were counting and calculating Chainsaw's chip stack and he was in your face. It was like you were trying to wave off a fly that just wouldn't go away.....on second thought, maybe he was hanging around the "stink" that the casino exec was throwing out there. His comment on the "dumpster (or whatever?) was totally uncalled for. I just can't imagine that comments of that nature come from people that are supposed to be in high positions and responsible for (at least in his case) a casino and its entire operation. Imagine having him for a boss! You kept your cool really well, maybe that is why you are as good as you are at this 'game of chance'.
  4. david matthews

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    Another beauty from the series where Hollywood splits his 10s and then doubles down when he catches an ace on one. He gets a face for 21 on the double, but has 15 on the other hand.

    Dealer is showing a 2.

    Before Hollywood plays his hand, Wayne Root comments, "Whoa! Chainsaw's blackjack changes EVERYTHING! Hollywood does NOT have enough money on the table to catch up! He has to split so he can double his bet."

    Well it turns out the dealer draws to 21 so Hollywood pushes on his double and loses the 15 for a single bet.

    If winning one bet wasn't enough for Hollywood, how is losing one bet enough?

    (granted you only have to be top 3, but the commentator makes it sound as though Dave must beat Chainsaw by splitting or he won't advance. Obviously, he could still advance without beating Chainsaw.)
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  5. Hollywood

    Hollywood New Member

    Ah, the magic of television...

    ...but it sure SOUNDED exciting the way they were pitching it, no? ;)

    truth is, i still could've advanced without beating chainsaw -- in fact, that's exactly what happened: he and i both advanced. but the split & double WAS necessary, more due to what other players had hit/doubled to -- i can't remember the exact reasons for needing to get all my money on the felt, but i had intentionally taken some bizarre form of 2nd low/3rd high or some other wierdness (3 advance), giving myself as many options as possible to flex bet, surrender, curt's revenge, etc. the way the cards landed, however, it looked like almost everyone at the table would be a winner, not just chainsaw -- necessitating my splits/doubles, etc.

    can you believe that for all the drama & faux tv excitement of that blackjack game, we only actually saw 3 HANDS of what was close to a 30-hand tournament? and wait til NEXT week, when i literally have a meltdown & chainsaw & i truly get into some mud-slinging. Reality TV at its finest, i tellya!

    ps very flattering KoV review on LVA, davidm... you write it yourself? ;)
  6. david matthews

    david matthews New Member

    Anthony and Deke wrote the review. I had recorded the show and Anthony and I watched it at my house and then he wrote the review himself.
  7. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Sorry to see you go!

    Damn Kenny I thought you were about to pull a big comeback. You didn't catch any breaks when you needed them.

    Sorry to see you out.

    Dave you were lucky, Chainsaw saved you on the last hand. You are right though, he is a gambler...LOL.

    I did agree with David Williams on the Baccarat game, there shouldn't be any advice given in tournament play.

    Once again the production was very weak, several times they were call a players all in, yet you could see them playing with chips in front of them...LOL. That is just bad editing.

    I did enjoy the Spike TV commercial that said something like "At Spike TV our shows are selected by Monkeys". After seeing King of Vegas I believe them.

    Good luck Dave, your the only BJ guy left.
  8. Joep

    Joep Active Member

    Good Thing

    Kenny I was sorry to see you bite the dust last night,but I will tell you this if you were not going to win the Million the quicker you got off this show the better it will be for you in the long run .Your credibility is at stake here .This is not even a train wreck, they are making a mockery of proven casino games.Do players really take the dealers bust card how insane are they. The players will be the one's suffering............The old saying that any publicity is good publicity might be proven wrong in this case.
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  9. BJFAN4

    BJFAN4 New Member

    My two cents

    JP: this is one of those rare moments where I agree with you. That show is a circus and KennyE is no clown! :joker: :joker: :joker:
  10. Joep

    Joep Active Member

    Wow BJFAN4 agrees with me.The world must be coming to an end.

    Actually is just not a hand full of us that feel this way.Here is an email that I received about this show.I will block out the name of the person that sent it to me but here is there take on this show. This is what the general public really thinks about this show

    We watched the "King of Las Vegas" last evening. We both wonder what the producers of the show are thinking. Allowing all the antics and "finger" signs is not entertaining TV. We felt for Ken, as he was the only "regular guy" on the show. The gal kept taking off her jacket to flaunt her boobs, "Hollywood" was his usual predictable "jerk," "Fat Boy" was just that, a non funny fat person, and the "Old Man" was, indeed, way over his head. The show, if it keeps the same format, will more than likely, have a short life. It is the "Gong Show" all over again. We sure hope the UBT will be more professional and not have the players demean themselves with buffoon antics and over acting. Gambling for big money is serious stuff, not something to be made a joke of. Have "fun" but do not get into the crazy, rude and un-entertaining side. Or...maybe we are just too far behind the curve to appreciate the Hollywood take on Las Vegas.

    Take care
  11. Rogue

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    General Public

    I have been checking out this and other websites having to do with Black Jack for a little over a week now. I've enjoyed this forum the most...especially finding out what regular players think of KOV. I wasn't planning on actually posting anything since I'm not into the Black Jack scene--tournament or otherwise, but after the last post I thought I should--being I am one of the "general public". Prior to KOV, I had no interest in watching BJ on TV. I couldn't imagine how it could be at all entertaining even with celebrities (sorry Dave:sad: ). However, after watching the 1st two episodes of KOV I became curious.

    Admittedly I was mostly curious about Hollywood Dave at first because they called him a counter. I was surprised that anyone who had been outted as a counter would be allowed in a tournament. So, I did a bit of research...while finding some interesting info on Hollywood, I have inadvertantly learned some things about BJ and in paticular tournament BJ.

    KOV may have it's faults but one thing that it (and Hollywood) has done is turn me into a fan. I now find myself eager to tune in to BJ shows and can't wait to see if Dave is as entertaining on Celebrity BJ as he has been on KOV.

    I'm sure I have learned more on this website about tournament BJ than I will from watching KOV, but I would think that any other intelligent novices out there that have been watching and would like to take up tournament BJ would
    do something similar to what I have done and eventually find themselves checking out web sites like this one. If they are not intelligent enough and enter themselves into tournaments without gathering any other knowledge than what they saw on KOV then they deserve to have their money taken from them and beat severely by people like Hollywood Dave.

    Anyway that's my opinion...

    I just have one more thing to say about KOV...I have watched some Poker tournaments before and have seen Mike "The Mouth" in action. I have been expecting him to be very vocal and obnoxious on KOV...but Hollywood and Chainsaw are making him look mild-mannered and quiet! :angel:

    [Kudos to you, Dave, for out-mouthing the Mouth!] :laugh:
  12. Joep

    Joep Active Member

    Makes Me Wonder !!

    First post . Makes me think this is more damage control than a real first post. Will the real "Rogue" please stand up :joker:
  13. Rogue

    Rogue New Member

    Sorry To Disappoint

    I Am Who I Say I Am

    But I'm Curious To Know Who You Think I Am...;)
  14. Hollywood

    Hollywood New Member

    Thanks for the love

    and glad to hear you're into the show, despite the many legitimate issues we pros have with the format, editing etc... in fact, what i most appreciate about your post is the fact that you were intelligent enough to research the players as well as ultimately the actual strategy and math that upholds the game, something that isn't highlighted as well as it could be on the show. Kudos to you for knowing that 1. there IS a way to consistently beat the game of 21 & tournaments in general, and 2. the answers are out there if only you take it upon yourself to seek them out.

    it has always been my hope that despite all the antics and craziness i project on TV, which naturally appeals more toward a younger demograpaphic of player/viewer, the result would be a constant emphasis on the training, skill, discipline, and math that goes into being successful at tourneys. a post like yours really does make it all worth it in the end!

    watch out, this is only more proof that the New Guard is coming to getcha...

    -hollywood dave.
  15. Rogue

    Rogue New Member

    New Guard

    Hmm...what have I gotten myself into this time...:cool:

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