Las Vegas Advisor: "The Greatest Tournament Ever"

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by KenSmith, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Snapper

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    The Dry Run

    It was truly an exceptional event & I was thrilled to participate. Some comments:

    1) The elimination hands offered additional opportunities for strategic play & should provide better TV viewer interest. Even though Cmonseven & I were eliminated just prior to one of those hands (our BRs needed a boost), I like it.

    2) Nice going Swoggerness!

    3) Next time there should be a "pit boss" at each table (if possible); time limits at my table were strictly enforced, while extra leeway was given at others (I know, I know - life isn't fair). Some dealer errors were undetected by players who were busy practicing their on-camera persona (no, I'm not excusing the players).

    4) Any rift occuring with 2 of our most valuable instructors (I didn't see the 8/27 posts until now) was unapparent; both men were poised and professional! Rain clouds are hardly a hurricane.

    5) Few things are as natural as Instigator in a buffet line the second time.
  2. TXtourplayer

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    The Format

    Toolman I understand your point about the elimination format, however that is the format. Yes Swog was almost gone (twice in round 1 and then once in round two). Know think about this had the players that were eliminated not been would Swog have won this time?

    I hate accumulative tournament formats, you can win your table and not advance because all 6 players on another table all won more then you did.
    Is this fair? Yes, if that is the format and you along with everyone else knows the rules before hand.

    Same with the WBT event, everyone knows the format. They can either play or not play it is their choice, they set the rules and it is all the same for everyone in the tournament.
  3. toolman1

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    Jury still out

    As you know, we had some heavy discussions on this subject before. No need for me to re-hash what was said then. As I said earlier on this thread and the thread referred to above, MY MIND IS OPEN. Let's see what happens when it hits TV. If it will help make tournament blackjack a more widely played game, then I concede. I do hope it works (even it I personally don't like it) and am willing to give it a try. After all, haven't we all played in tournaments with a lot worse rules than this. ;)
  4. swog

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    Thanks everyone

    Thanks everyone for your very kind words.
    Tx. and I made it back home Mon. night.....unlike many others....hope everything is fine with Ken, Walt and everyone on the coast, that is the most important thing right now.
    I enjoyed just being at the event.
    I was all in twice in the first round and survived a double down on 13 against a ten in round two, and at least one bad play in the finals when I didn't bet to cover a max bet by BR2 with 5 hands to go....but he lost that bet .
    Truth be told .....I got lucky....and I got all the cards in the final question about it......It kind of makes up for all of the other times when I have stood up from the table and just shook my head wondering what happened.
    We all need to remember the format is in place because it is a made for TV "event". It is much more entertaining this way than a regular tournament, which is pretty dull until the last 2 hands. Thanks again for the was great to see everyone at the same place for once....
  5. noman

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    Greatest Tourney

    With all that's going on this almost becomes meaningless, but to take my mind off the heartbreak and devestation for a while......

    I too congratulate Swog. He did what he had to do at every stage. and he kept his head and wits about him. even under some overexuberant table chatter, which I admit, distracted me. No excuse for some bad play on my part.

    And while swog has creds from previous WSOBJ experience, he wasn't, up until the practice round, know as one of the top pros, or an icon, in the game.

    Too match up against so many of the "names" and come out on top is not only admiralble but a testament to his skill level.

    And more to the point. from previous TX posts: Tx stated in any tournament field...give him the field and yous take the top names and tx would have the winner 80% of the time.

    All in all goes to the point, that..if the format that is needed is exciting to tv, in order to get the coverage and the prize money and is open to any and all who want to participate then let it roll. Cause it's anybody's game.

    And swog, please, please don't think these comments diminish from your acomplishment.

    And let's not forget Prospect, who came in second and I only know from posts here.
  6. KenSmith

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    Back before the storm, I was planning to review this thread among others...

    After reviewing the messages posted by everyone involved, I think I owe an apology to JoeP for implying that he was solely responsible for this and other threads getting into personal attacks.

    With a fresh look at the posts, it seems like much ado over nothing, though there's no doubt that there were plenty of 'button-pushing' remarks made by several posters. My responses did hold JoeP to a higher standard, and that wasn't fair to him.

    I just ask that anyone posting in a discussion consider carefully before posting any item that might be taken as a personal attack, whether intentional or not.

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