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    Here are my observations on my recent trip to Las Vegas for a BJ tournament at the Venetian/Palazzo. ("johnr" who made the quarter-finals might have some additional comments).

    At Oakland, Reno and Las Vegas airports the travelers place their own boarding passes on the scanner at TSA checkpoints. Photo IDs are physically handed to the agent and travelers masks must be briefly pulled down for comparison. Within the terminals I was struck by the number of travelers who did NOT have their masks placed over their noses. Southwest requires middle seats remain empty unless travelers are together. No magazines in the seat back pouch and no snacks given out.

    At the Venetian, every entrance had an unobtrusive thermal scanner to check body temperatures as guests pass by, plus free masks were available if needed. Only some of the restaurants were open and they were set up for social distancing. At the elevator foyer 2 employees did nothing but push the buttons and remind people only 4 to an elevator (more only if it was a group together). The elevators actually had decals on the floor in the corners showing where the passengers were to stand. In the room, glasses were replaced with plastic cups. Hand sanitizer and wipes were provided and the coffee maker and refrigerator had been removed.

    In the casino there were sanitizer dispensers throughout for guests to use and at the cage and player's club plexiglass shields were in place. I saw too many guests whose masks did not cover their noses. Numerous employees walked about doing nothing but cleaning and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces and every time a player left a table the chair as wiped down before another player was allowed to sit down. Very thorough. For table games, only 3 players were allowed per table and none of the games allowed players to handle the cards. Regularly a towel with sanitizer was placed over the chips in the rack and the chips "rolled". Four players were allowed at the roulette tables but "social distancing" was simply not possible with arms flying about everywhere! The same for craps tables which allowed 6 players. The worst 2 games for physical contact.

    Miscellaneous information: Treasure Island, Paris, Flamingo, Harrah's (and presumably other CET properties) allowed table game players to handle the cards. Treasure Island frequently scanned a UV light over the chip trays. Walking the strip I again saw that many of the people seem to have forgotten that they have a nose to cover. Much less foot traffic than I ever remember on a weekend.

    All things considered, not too bad. The most important thing to remember is to be responsible for your own safety and be extra careful. Good cards everyone!
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    Interesting time in Vegas, for sure. Thanks for the update.
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    Thanks for the update, Dakota. Any news on CET's next Blackjack tourn? Or are they just going to continue to lag behind the curve?
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    Good report Dakota. Allegiant did no separation on seats and did not enforce mask rule. I only saw 1 couple without masks on plane and did write to allegiant about it.
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