Let it Ride Poker Accumulation Strategy ?

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    The general game description and basic strategy can be found here on this link from http://wizardofodds.com/games/let-it-ride/

    The tournament particularities are:

    Strating BR is 1000, max bet 10000, maximum 50 hands can be played, unlimited rebuys.

    Some differences in game table payout as follow 200:1 Royal Flush and 150:1 Straight Flush

    The goal would be to hit 20000 BR in 50 hands or less. (Intermediate goals of 16000 and 8500 are of interest also)

    I want to find out if the strategy from Wizard`s site should still be followed for this tournament, or higher risk should be taken in order to reach the goal(s) within 50 hands or less while using as few as possible re-buys ? (Interested in the optimal balance between the two if this call for basic strategy change.)
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