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    My two cents.

    Well, Kalex, here goes. Some casinos offering tournament BJ have dealt with the counting of chips issue by offering a countdown with 5 hands to go and once more with one hand left to play. Frontier, I believe, uses a one minute timer which allows sufficient time.
    We cannot lose sight of the bigger picture which is that the number of BJ tournament participants is going down as evidenced by the demise of a great tournament open to all, the LVHilton Million$ and the smaller fields at the Stardust and other Casinos. Making the BJ tournament simpler ala Poker and introducing a reasonable rake for the casino gets my vote. And of course the tournament should be open to all.
    So changes are needed in my opinion.
    By the way, Joep's efforts to keep the Million$ tournament alive should be applauded and Hollywood D. proposal for changes are quite valid.
    So there! A couple of Valiums and I can be nice, yes? :) :) :)
  2. tgun

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    wtg BJFAN4...pass the Valium

    I agree with you completely BJFAN4. What's strange is I also find aggreement with Joe, Dave, and Kalex. I must be nuts. I don't even know what the disagreement is about after reading through the posts. The only negative I can see, is the attacking the person instead of attacking the opinion.

    My local casino rules state that "players must keep their chips stacked by denomination and in clear view at all times". After hand 20 the dealer counts and announces each players bankroll. This is the only time that he can announce bankrolls. And cannot announce bet amounts at any time. There is no time limit for either betting or playing. This does not slow the game. The one's that "know" don't need alot of time and either do the one's that don't. This tournament fills up with 98 players every week.

    Right or wrong, I commend Kalex for trying to come up with ways to attract new players. To accomplish this we might have to accept unpopular changes. I hope not, but I'm willing to keep an open mind.

    Hey BJFAN4, Xanax works for me!

  3. Hollywood

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    I was wrong

    ...about BJFAN4. Either the apocolypse is coming, or I was wrong about you, my friend. Valium or no, i accept your olive branch & retract any ill will i may have left for you at will call. Rock on, my blackjack compatriot --

    -holly d.
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    Messieurs Sandmen

    BJFAN & tgun, et al:

    Thanks for such sedate, noninflammatory posts. It's nice to see this all wind down in a civil manner. I've had fun with this topic, but I can't take credit for most of the ideas proposed in this thread; I merely chose whether or not I wanted to support them. The important facet of all this: regardless who (if anyone) agrees with me, we have this forum where we can express opinion and exchange ideas. I'm a 23 year old beginner and all of you gave my thoughts as much consideration as you gave to an accomplished pro- Joep. I truly appreciate what everyone here has to offer, and I am delighted that the courtesy is returned. I look forward to many future discussions...
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    To whom it may concern (2weeks late)

    You guys keep missing the point its not about the players its about Tha Viewers. The only way BJT can follow the prodigious success of NLTH is viewer par ti ci pation and the only way that can happen is to have automated chip counts after every hand and limit the amount of hands (20 is enough) and have someone who really knows about the process commentate (anybody but Max Rubin who with all due respect does'nt have a clue). Could'nt agree more with Holly the real skill is knowing what to bet with the info you have anyone can count banks, but this is not tha point. The viewers having the info can determine who is making correct or incorrect bets either on the spot or after 2 days of back tracking. This will make them better players and more willing to participate. Then if the casinos would ever wake up could have 200 E.fee get 2,000 players=400,000=PP. 10% rake=60,000 disbursement=1st=100,000,2nd=50,000,3rd=40,000 4th=30,000,5th=25,000,6th=20,000, pay the rest to semis=25,000 or some variation of all of that. By the way this is not about who or what gets sucked.
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    Check Your Math

    10 % of 400,000 is 40,000 not 60,000.Cant wait to see the math in your book when it comes out.Should I get on line now waiting for the release of this long awaited book. :joker:

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