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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Yelodog, Aug 19, 2015.

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    Hey all, glad I found this group/site! Looks like a varied but accomplished group of folks! I love tournies (just played in my 3rd) and blackjack in general, although expert level BJ player in the casino, I'm just hitting the learning curve for tourney play now--lots to learn! , live in Colorado mostly with more time living in Nevada coming, (recently retired with many of the same interests as a lot of you!) My first question: Anyone know of BJ tourney software (also looking for BJ calculation S/W with robust deck composition/ideal play calculation capabilities)? Michael G, yelodog out.
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  3. Yelodog

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    Ken, wow thanks for the quick response, kudos on a great Blackjackinfo.com site as well. I did forward more intro/ info to your blackjackinfo.com email address. Michael--Yelodog out.
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    I have my own software that has the capabilities you have asked for, however, at this time, I am not prepared to release it for others to use, for a variety of reasons. However if you have specific questions you want answered or you want analysis of a particular situation, I may be able to run the simulations for you.
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    Thanks for the offer gronberg, I may have some questions, and would be interested in any developments in tourney software / simulations as I am considering writing some as well,

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