Michael Tata of GVR & American Casino found dead

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by KenSmith, Jul 7, 2004.

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    Green Valley Ranch

    Just make sure nothing happens to Matt Sacca
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    Watching out for your buddy...lol

    Joep did you catch this weeks "American Casino"?

    A strip dealer (they think) was playing BJ and marking cards as she played. They followed her to 2-3 tables and found the same markings at each table she played, (bending corners on the 10's & Aces).

    They made the comment that "She wasn't betting much and was losing anyway" and "They don't like to back off customers from the tables".
  4. Joep

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    Green Valley Ranch

    So she was bending cards and they did nothing about it.Now thats a real cheat and they did nothing about it.Me im using my brain and im a bad guy and a cheat go figure
  5. TXtourplayer

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    Class act

    Joep, you came accross as a class act. You never raised you voice and handle yourself very professionally. Matt on the other hand came accross as a idiot, calling you a names on national TV (knowing it was being filmed), then saying (after a short pause) and a card counter.

    The show was airing a VIP blackjack tournament and after talking to you found out that they backed you off their weekly tournament, but aired your part as if it was for the big tournament.

    Talk about your made for TV. I guess you were a victim of Matt wanting to show off for TV with a little creative editing from the film crew.

    I know you were upset the night it first aired, but I guess winning the Hilton qualifier the next day took your mind off of the show.

    Good luck on any legal action taken against Matt and or GVR, they were wrong for what they did.
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    Green Valley Ranch

    Do you guys really think i should sue them for what they said about me.If i get at least 5 votes for suing i will do it.How do we start a poll on if i should sue them.Yes winning the Hilton the next day helped ease my anguish.
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    You got it Joe. Your poll is under Announcements and Suggestions.
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    Your call Joe

    Joe it is one thing to make a comment about someone to other players, but when an employee of a casino says something on national TV about you, yes I think there are grounds for legal action.

    Remember I had scheduled tournaments down here in Texas (this passed January) and had them canceled by police interference (Chief Mendoza of Ft. Worth). I had gotten the okay through the mayors office, DA's, special events planner, and Convention & Visitors bureau before ever starting my events almost a year before I scheduled them. Yet Mendoza didn't want them so he stepped in (over stepping his boundaries) and made comments about me and the tournaments.

    I got an attorney to go after the Hotel (breech of contract), the police (for interference), and Chief Mendoza for the letter he wrote to others and me about my tournaments. Funny thing is now they are hosting tournaments around town for the Fire and Police departments. I guess if they make money it is legal, but when I give 100% back it's not, (in Mendoza's mind anyway).

    As for you fighting a casino it will be tough, but you were slandered so I would check with an attorney. You might just go after Matt and leave the Station casinos out of any lawsuit, (sueing a casino may not help you get into other properties).

    If a attorney is willing to do it on a contingency go for it, if not it will cost you lots of money while they drag it out for a long time so bottom line is it's your call.

    Good luck, if it helps I voted "Yes" they are libel!
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    Lasest on Michael Tata

    This was in the Las Vegas Sun newspaper.

    July 15, 2004

    Cause of exec's death unknown

    The coroner's office has not yet determined the cause of a Green Valley Ranch Station hotel executive's death, a spokeswoman said this morning.

    Michael Tata, 33, was found dead in his Henderson home July 6. Investigators are awaiting the results of toxicology tests, which could take four to 12 weeks to be completed.

    Tata is featured, along with other hotel staff, on the Discovery Channel's new reality show, "American Casino."

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