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Discussion in 'Craps Tournament Strategy' started by toonces, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. toonces

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    Craps tournament tomorrow with an unusual rule: The round ends when the point OR 7 is rolled. The Wong book covers what to do when when a round ends by sevening out or by final roll known. Any thoughts on how the strategy changes for this version?
  2. S. Yama

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    forget Wong's book

    Dice is another game that is phenomenal for skillful players.
    Wong’s craps section in his tournament book is really bad.

    Format where tournament ends on either decision is a bit difficult. Proper strategy, once again, will depend on other players’ skills, aggressiveness and their bankrolls, as well as yours.

    You may try to have enough money that you will win if either one (point or seven out rolls). Keep enough money for the seven-out, place/buy/ take odds for the point, and have the rest of your money working on other numbers. This way you win/advance regardless the outcome. But to find yourself in such position you need to take risks and often times will bust out before the round gets into the final stage.
    The second most common technique is to not get involved in any betting and if there are some players with lots of chips you cover only seven-out case.
    The most difficult variant is to cover both seven and point by a combination of lay and hop bets if they are allowed.

    You need to play a few dice tournaments to get a hang of it. It seems very complicated at first, but for most part it is not. However, if you want to truely master it you need a lot of time and dedication.

    S. Yama.
  3. toonces

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    Luckily, where I am, pretty much noone is a tournament expert. I've played in a couple Hilton tourneys and survived based on Wong. Thanks for the tips, S. Yama, and I'll let you know how it went.
  4. TXtourplayer

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    When S. Yama speaks players listen

    Stanford is a great guy, he has always been nothing but nice and helpful to me, but if S. Yama tells you something you better listen.

    He is by far the BEST dice tournament player I have ever seen, and probally the best all around tournament player reguardless of the game.
  5. Opus21

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    S. Yama's the Best

    I imagine that there's a time interval prior to the last event announced which is either making the point or sevening out. It's during that interval when you should have postioned yourself to advance to the next round. Or else, place/lay it all out on the table. I doubt that the tournament will let you make hop bets. When you get the final event warning, you may consider making proposition bets as a last ditch effort. I don't like the idea of making field bets. It just doesn't help much. To make heavy place bets which you offset with lay bets, is counterproductive. Put your money on one side or the other for maximum results. Just hope you're on the same side as the dice.

    The problem is how many rolls do you have between making the point or sevening out? (Only S.Yama would know ). It could be one or 20 rolls. Statistics say that the event (on average) will be resolved in less than 4 rolls of the dice. Next, once the point is established the odds are against the player making the point. Therefore, I'd lay the point, lay the 4 & 10 and keep pressing the back line bets while praying for a seven.

    I'm disappointed that TXtourplayer didn't recognize S. Yama for his analytical skills in solving difficult blackjack problems and his generosity in sharing these skills. I have a picture of him hanging in my study. He definitely is one of my hero's.
  6. S. Yama

    S. Yama Active Member

    Thank you guys :eek: I will have to work even harder to truely deserve these praises.
    Opus21, thanks a lot for your extremely kind words.
    However, our agreement was that you post something super-extremely nice about me. Since your comment does not fulfill the super feature, I am sending you check for only half the amount that I promised you.;)
    Also, I didn’t know about the picture hanging in your study. Must be because of all those beautiful :gaga: naked ladies that surround me.

    S. Y.

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