New Las Vegas Tournaments and Hard Rock Biloxi

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (USA)' started by Dakota, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Dakota

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    I have posted 3 new Las Vegas Blackjack tournaments. Take a look. They are at Paris, Westgate and Treasure Island. Notice that the Paris tournament pays each Semi-Finalist (places 7-48) $2000. Granted, at Paris there is one more round than at most tournaments due to the 700-900 entrants, but it's a good tournament.

    Also remember the following (as yet unpublished) upcoming Hard Rock Biloxi Blackjack Series dates: September 21, October 19, November 16, December 14 and January 18. More information as it becomes available... to be posted by whomever receives it first!
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  2. noman

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    Thanks Dakota
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    I'm, also, appreciative.

    Billy C
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    Thanks Dakota...
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  5. george

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    no vegas but will play hard rock Biloxi ..thanks for dates
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  6. When is west gate tournament
  7. KenSmith

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  8. noman

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    Paris Sept tourney only had 595 with 1 round of rebuys. 7th-48th paid 1600. Top 5 paid as in past with winner--$25,000. 2nd and 3rd rounds had lots of 4 player tables with 2 advancing.
    Posting in the interest of those with invites to other Caesar's BJ tourneys. 8 deck shoes are a killer. Given turn out, if you have a Caesar's host and don't receive a snail mail, or e-mail invite, check with host, or as Dakota says, call the casino. Next up Flamingo Dec 2-4. Play tues and Wed. First pays $30,000. Possible rebuys @$100 as available. Payouts in casino play. Reels or Table.

    Orleans $20,000 first place same dates Dec 2-4. Rebuys as available $150. Invite only free entry.
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  9. All of those VEGAS tourneys other then the weekly Orleans are invite-only, right? If so I think that's so retarded bec they aren't maximizing their POTENTIAL!
  10. gronbog

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    Maybe not. All of the invitees have shown enough play to have theoretically lost much more than whatever the entry fee would be for an open event. Granted, some of them may be advantage players and may have won while qualifying, but the vast majority are not.
  11. But why would they not go ahead and make it OPEN to anyone willing to cough up the $500 (or whatever entry!) EF? By not doing this, they are closing themselves on potential ppl who would LIKE to participate (ppl like myself, for example!) in it just bec they're dont currently hold a high-level card at that casino chain!
  12. Dakota

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    As Gronbog pointed out, casinos stand to make more money than any possible entry fee by requiring players to qualify through casino play. Different casinos require varying "theoretical" play depending upon the total prize money offered and/or the number of entrants desired. Even then, they often look at cumulative play over several months and not necessarily just 1 visit. In addition, for some CET or MLife tournaments, an individual casino might look at company wide play to identify desired players (or at least company play within a particular market, such as all CET or MLife properties in Las Vegas).
  13. Yes, I hear what you and Gronbog are saying, but perhaps I should ask my question in a different way:

    How the hell does it HURT them to make it an open tournament charging X amount in the event that they get low turnout from their "VIP high-level players"? By not doing so, they are not maximizing the amount of money they can be making from these tournaments; isn't that correct?
  14. gronbog

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    In the event that the tournament does not fill up with invitees, the casino often opens up the remaining seats to paid entries. Keep your eye on the event(s) you're interested in and/or talk to a host.
  15. When do they open it up to paid entries? Does one have to actually be at site the day of event in in order to join?
  16. gronbog

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    The answer will differ for each casino and each event. Give them a call to find out what their plans are and/or make contact with a host who can call you should the event open up.
  17. I dont have or know any hosts in Vegas. Can you refer one to me?
  18. johnr

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    I got started at Palace Biloxi and Paris Las Vegas with referral from my Local Host.
  19. johnr

    johnr Active Member

    Also got full invites to Tournaments Golden Nugget and Venition from
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