New Las Vegas Tournaments and Hard Rock Biloxi

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    Today, it doesn't help them either. The history of Blackjack tournaments is akin to slot, roulette or dice tourneys. The casinos offered them to their preferred customers as a "reward" a gift for the players' loyalty. A fun event in which the player could win a lot of money. It was a gimmick, if you will. When AP's saw a way to take advantage, it became a different animal.
    Some casinos saw all tourneys as a way to boost attendance at "down" times, or just another event in the mix of promotions. A variety of tourney formats evolved, many, popular with those on this site. But casinos who were not seeing the return on their promotion, because APs weren't giving the side play, stopped offering them. That's the bottom line on tourneys. If the casino isn't seeing the result it wants from a promotion, it won't offer it again.

    The amount of BlackJack tourney players has declined. The manpower and time a casino has to put in to a tourney must have a certain percentage of profit to the casino.

    Table space. Dealers. Floor people. Logistics of running the event. Additional giveaways. Free banquets and food(which some used to offer)….All those factors have to be accounted for in offering an open for all ENTRY FEE tourney with either a guaranteed prize purse, or a purse determined by number of entries. It used to be side play, or in the case of high rollers play, netted the casino their sought after margin.That is no longer the case. And in fact the uniformed level of play at any casino game, today, makes it unnecessary for a casino to take on the added costs of any complicated promotion.

    Those casinos that offer INVITE only tourneys are back to rewarding preferred customers as they do when they give away a "garden set" or some such gift on a certain date.

    If a casino would offer an open entry, its to create a special attention to itself(and then would only be for a short time), again, because of all the underlying costs.

    They really don't need to do it!
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    I still don't agree with you...

    Lets say 10 random Joe Schmoe's decided to enter the tourney @ even $100 apiece.... now, remember, they are Joe Schmoe's who just wanted "action" on a random tournament so that's +1000 that the casino has now made on them.... ya think the odds of those 10 random Joe Schmoe's will actually win any money? Of course not! So how could it not be a +eval for the casino by offering an OPEN tournament where they can make $100 a pop for every sucker who joins???
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    Bug: The casino is not making $100 a pop off of any entry. In order to attract entries to a tournament, the casino has to establish a purse. Either guaranteed(a danger to them) or based on entries. That $100 a pop goes to prize money, with maybe a 10% hold for the casino. And then re read my previous comment.
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