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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by OK_Jeff, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. OK_Jeff

    OK_Jeff Member

    I had pleasure of meeting Jonny21, Monkeysystem, MrPill and a few others at the last Buffalo Run Tournament. I look forward to seeing everyone at the next one in January. Have a greet holiday.
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  2. Dakota

    Dakota Top Member

    Welcome aboard... and I look forward to seeing you again also. I remember your 'hand written notes' (literally!!). Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & Final Table in January!
  3. OK_Jeff

    OK_Jeff Member

    They may come up with a new rule because of that. I see that you are planning to attend the Gold Strike tournament in 2016. Is it going to be a normal elimination format this time?
  4. Dakota

    Dakota Top Member

    Yes. Check the full information under "Tournaments". Wild Card into Semi-Final on Sunday at 3:45pm. Semi at 4pm and Final table at 5pm.
  5. Billy C

    Billy C Top Member

    Hey Jeff,
    I too, remember you.
    Looking forward to seeing you again in about 3 weeks.

    Billy C
  6. Dakota

    Dakota Top Member

    Oops... Gold Strike Final table is at 5:00pm on Saturday
  7. Monkeysystem

    Monkeysystem Top Member Staff Member

    Hi Jeff, It was good to see you again!

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