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Discussion in 'Ultimate Blackjack Tour' started by Lil Sissy, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Lil Sissy

    Lil Sissy Banned User

    Since Joe Pane does not post here anymore, with his permission I have copied a new announcement he just posted over at

    As I have been hinting about for some time now but could not reveal until everything was official.

    A new UBT Tournament in Las Vegas is now official with a weekly $2,000 guaranteed first prize using the UBT tournament format along with 4 UBT circuit events during the upcoming year that will be open to all.

    The weekly tournament starts this Thursday June 5 2008

    The weekly events will take place on Thursday nights at Sunset Station with an entry fee of $25 and a first prize of $2,000 that will include a paid $220 seat into the following scheduled UBT Circuit event to every Thursday nights winner.

    The first 2 Circuit events are scheduled for the weekend of Sept 5-6 2008 and then again on Dec 5-6 2008

    Here is even more great news, Sunset Station Packages will be given away on ClubUBT.

    The Sunset Station Package will include your paid entry of $220 into the Quarterly UBT Circuit Event your hotel room at Sunset Station for 3 nights along with 3 meal comps and a paid entry in the Thursday night UBT weekly event. 30 Sunset Station packages will be awarded every quarter on

    If you were thinking about joining ClubUBT where as a member you can compete for over $100,000 a month along with a paid entry into the Main Event at the WSOP plus $2,000 in expenses monies along with seats to WPT tournaments and now Las Vegas Packages there is no better time than now.

    Remember at ClubUBT there is a 2 week free trial period so join now and tell your friends and family about getting in on all the new and exciting things that are happening at


  2. duro

    duro New Member


    .... been waiting a long time for UBT to have some more live tournaments again .... thanks for the update!

  3. zweeky

    zweeky Member

    I won a Sunset Station package tonight on ClubUBT :)

    Hope to see some of you there in September!
  4. LeftNut

    LeftNut Top Member

    Way ta go, Z! Now go there and kick the crap out of their 'staff pro" players, especially Mr. Congeniality.
    My money's on you. :D
  5. vphunter99

    vphunter99 New Member

    Well timed blackjack. I went out in 3rd place. GG Zweeky. Congrats
  6. Barney Stone

    Barney Stone New Member

    Way to go Zweek I hope to make it somehow :).

    I wish they would stagger the entry times-they are set up, mostly, for east coast players. 3pm is a bad time. Ive had the chance to play in only one so far I would love to win this prize.

    I dont like the Club schedule at all. But tonight is the first 20K poker game which should be fun.
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  7. Lil Sissy

    Lil Sissy Banned User

    A true well done message

    Zweeky congratulations on you Sunset Station ClubUBT win. It was a pleasure meeting you on the ClubUBT Cruise. You have shown once again that you are an excellent tournament player and a true gentleman. You seem to have mastered the UBT format as I believe you won 2 different cruise packages on the club and brought 3 other guest with you on the cruise, and now this win

    The object of this original post was to pass along good information about a new tournament one of the main goals of this wonderful site and then it became a job well done post because of your recent victory.

    It’s a shame that one individual has taken this post to use as an avenue to once again slam some specific UBT pros. An individual, who purports to strive for a civil forum here and on LVA, yet takes this good news of yours and uses it for an uncalled slap in the face of some.

    He must have a short memory because the people he is attacking were one of the first to congratulate him on his recent win at Winstar.

    With enough time passing we will see who has the best interest of blackjack tournaments in mind for all of us .I’m already starting to see who does not.
  8. LeftNut

    LeftNut Top Member

    Oh, good grief, here we go again. The latter part was a joke, did someone miss the smiley at the end? :laugh:
    The part I apparently missed is where "specific UBT pros" were slammed.

    My post was intended as a sincere congratulatory gesture to a good BJ friend, a fellow who I consider to be one of the best, if not the best, online TBJ players anywhere.

    Go get 'em in the live event, Z. My money is still on you! :gun:
  9. zweeky

    zweeky Member

    Thanks all for your kind words... and meanwhile, I wish good success to the weekly UBT events at Sunset Station and in Costa Rica.
  10. LeftNut

    LeftNut Top Member

    Hey there, Zweeky, be sure and let us know how you do (or did!) at Sunset!
  11. oneshotwonder

    oneshotwonder New Member

    I was lucky enough to win one last night, so I'll see you Zweeky and everyone there. Did UBT contacted you yet? I e-mailed them and they said it will be a week or more before someone contacts me and they will let me know what I need to do before I go there. Not sure what that means. Anyone else win one of these?
  12. zweeky

    zweeky Member

    Congrats to you oneshotwonder! You should receive an email from Bonnie with some info and questions but there is nothing special for you to do except shopping for plane tickets... unless you live close enough. I will see you there.

    Sure LeftNut, but it's on September 5th... so maybe you will already be a Winstar millionaire and you will not care anymore ;)
  13. oneshotwonder

    oneshotwonder New Member

    Thanks Zweeky. Puts me a little at ease. Unfortunately I am from NY, so I will need to buy a ticket. I am going alone as that will be 1st week at work for my wife & she does not want to take off for her students that early. I have an almost 4 yr old son (he turns 4 on 9/5) and a 2 month old girl, so she will stay behind 2 take care or them as well. I did agree to give her my winnings (if any), but seems like that usually when I do win! I am looking forward to hopefully meet up 1 night w/ a buddy I made on ub.

    Hope the room they give us will be nice! Thnx again for the helpful info and see u soon bud.:)
  14. pinklady

    pinklady New Member

    Congrats ZWEEKLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still trying to win one.

    Good Luck!

  15. How much money?

    There is no calendar posting for the Sept. 5 CIRCUIT EVENT at Sunset Station and that event hasn't been discussed, to any degree, on this forum. So if someone knows the answers to these questions, please post. Thank You.

    1) What is the prize pool for the Sept. 5 Circuit Event?

    2) Is the prize pool guaranteed?

    3) How many players are expected at this event?
  16. Lil Sissy

    Lil Sissy Banned User

    Additional Info

    Joe Pane just posted some additional information about the upcoming Sunset Station UBT Tournament on Las Vegas With his permission I have copied it for all to read here.

    I have been asked for more details concerning the Sept 5-6 UBT Blackjack Tournament at Sunset Station.

    Here is what I know so far as I just had a meeting tonight with Sunset Stations casino manager and the director of marketing.

    The are going to return 100% of the $200 entry fee and 100% of all the rebuy money.

    They are expecting between 150- 180 players.

    I have always suggested to casinos that they could hold a tournament and invite their high rollers but also open it up to the public who could chose to just pay the entry fee if they were not on the invite list.

    That will be done for this tournament and Sunset Station will add $200 to the prize pool for every player they invite/comp into their tournament.

    With a possible 180 players paying $200+20 and with rebuys available at $100 the expected prize pool could be as high as $48,000

    I have also convinced them to have the playing dates on Friday evening with the first round starting at 6PM and the rebuys rounds will be at 9PM and 10PM with round 2 and beyond taking place on Saturday.The Finals will be played in the area of 4 PM Saturday afternoon.

    The purpose of this schedule suggestion by me was to allow fellow tournament players who will be in town to play the Golden Nugget tournament the chance to play both tournaments without late round conflicts on Sunday when the Golden Nugget plays their semis and final table.

    So you could register at the Golden Nugget on Friday then come out to Sunset to play your first rounds on Friday night and finish the Sunset tournament on Saturday without having to jockey playing times on Sunday if you are lucky enough to advance to a later round in the Golden Nugget tournament.

    When I first starting playing tournaments we would always be running back and forth between casino who held their tournaments on the same days of the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays were like a Nascar race going from one tournament to another or just betting big in hopes of having your table finsh fast if you won your first big bet and the other players had to chase you or the other end of that problem was you lost you first big bet and now didnt have a time conflict as you were out.

    This might be the first of its kind tournament that will mix a invite tournament with an open to the public tournament I'm glad that I could bring this option to our tournament community.Fellow tournament players with the sad state of available open to the public blackjack tournaments being almost a long lost memory, I urge you to mark this on your calander as a weekend to make the casino know that you will come out and play an open to all blackjack tournament if they make them available.

    The casino industry is in the middle of a complete turnaround in profits and gross revenue.They are looking for a way to recover some of the recent drop off in the balance sheets.You have a chance to make an impact on future tournaments and their availablilty, dont let the weekend of Sept 5-6-7 slip through your tournament fingers.

    Packages to the Sunset Station Tournament can be won on ClubUBT package includes your $220 entry fee your room for 3 nights, 3 meal vouchers and a paid entry of $25 into the weekly Sunset Station Thursday night UBT Tournament with has a guaranteed $2000 first prize.

    See you at Sunset Station every Thursday night starting at 6 PM for their weekly UBT Tournament and Sept 5-6 for their projected $48,000 prize pool event.

  17. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    I have added the event to the calendar.

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