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Discussion in 'Ultimate Blackjack Tour' started by bjmace, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. bjmace

    bjmace Member

    UBT have just announced a new weekly tournament details copied below, Have also added to event calender.

    The UBT is proud to announce a new casino to play Elimination Blackjack Tournaments at.

    The Rampart Casino in Las Vegas will be hosting EBJ Tournmaments every Monday night at 6PM starting on Sept 10,2007

    The entry fee for these tournaments will be $50 and the winner of every weekly event will also win a seat in the Rampart Championship event that will take place on Monday Dec 17. The Championship event will have a 15,000 guaranteed prize pool and will also awarded a UBT tour stop seat to the winner.

    There will also be 4 wild cards drawn for the Dec 17 tournament. The wild cards will come from players who have played in any of the weekly events that start on Sept 10. You will earn 1 wild card per entry.If you happen to win more than 1 weekly tournament that will allow additional wild cards come Dec. 17 as you can only win one seat into the Rampart Championship Event

    Pizza and drinks will also be served for the tournament players during the tournament.

    All Finalist at the weekly events will receive cash prizes also, in addition to the Championship Event seat awarded to the winner.
    Cash Prizes will be determined based upon the number of players playing.

  2. pokernut

    pokernut New Member

    That's great if you live in Vegas.
  3. Bi-Kemba

    Bi-Kemba Member

    Agree With Pokernut

    Thank you forthe information bjmace, but this is great if you live in Las Vegas.
  4. Pot Stirrer

    Pot Stirrer New Member

    The Rampart Casino??? Can you imagine if one of TX's events was held there?
  5. marichal

    marichal Member

    pot stirrer:

    yes, it would have been great if tex could have gotten into rampart casino. while making many trips to vegas, we have always enjoyed playing minis at rampart. great locale, great players, (like mikey 754) and their great staff. still, it is great to see any growth anywhere, in our profession.
  6. fgk42

    fgk42 New Member

    Yeah, what would be the problem?

    Heck any casino that wants to host well run, regular BJT deserves credit! It TX had held his event there it would have saved the gas from traveling to Laughlin for many!
  7. Pot Stirrer

    Pot Stirrer New Member

    You're missing my point. If TX had his event at the Rampart casino, the UBT hitmen would be here trashing the place and insulting him.
  8. mikey754

    mikey754 New Member


    Living in Las Vegas has its perks...the Rampart Casino is a beautiful complex...we play there twice a week....The "strip" casinos don't like "locals" so we have to play at the casinos that cater to "locals"..having a UBT tournament is an extra...any one coming into town should put this one on their agenda...(Like Marichal or Leha)??
  9. fgk42

    fgk42 New Member

    It the Rampart Casino in VEGAS! Now not being a local and seeing Rampart I thought to myself - of probably some little dump. However at the urging of members I found out that it is a nice little place.

    Kuddos to UBT for landing this place. I hope it's successful and becomes a model for BJT expansion.

    Oh Pot Stirrer was this the Rampart you were thinking about? :joker:

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  10. bjmace

    bjmace Member

    looks good

    Actually looks like a nice venue and they are advertising it already on there website so they are eager :)

  11. richgarcia

    richgarcia New Member

    Ramping up at the Rampart

    The Rampart is one of the prettiest Hotel-Casinos in Las Vegas-strip casinos included.

    The dealers and personnel are very friendly. With fourteen tries, less one taken by Mikey754, that leaves me a lot of playing room. I'll be there.

  12. marichal

    marichal Member

    you are too kind and a gentleman, mikey754. we do need to get back to your fair city. once we are finished playing for a spot at barona in nov. (via the iron horse casinos. four more days to go), we will make a trip your way. easy day, only two live tourneys that we had to play. hope you can bring your bride to seattle at the end of next month. say hi to sam. and, yes, rampart is one of the best in vegas. take care!!!!
  13. bjmace

    bjmace Member

    Further info on new tournament

    More information on the Rampart UBT format tournament that will be held every Monday night.

    There will be ZERO vig taken out

    The entry fee is $50 open to 36 players with an 1,800 weekly prize pool

    Food and drinks will be provided for all players for free. It will be held in a venue off the casino floor with TV's showing the Monday night football game and stadium food.Non players can join the blackjack/football party for a $20 fee.

    The Rampart will then add in $15,000 to the tournament which will be the prize pool for the Championship Event held on Dec 17

    The 14 weeks previous winners will return plus 4 wild cards will be drawn from previous players of the weekly events rounding the field back to 18 players.

    This 15,000 overlay works out to be that the Rampart is adding 1,071 per week into the prize pool of only 36 players

    Just for an average player its worth $59.52 per player per week plus your free food and drinks. This might just be the best Mini Tournament ever held.

    Once you win a weekly event, your EV for the Dec 17 event is now worth $833.33 per player.

    Good job by the Rampart on this one
  14. KenSmith

    KenSmith Administrator Staff Member

    That does sound excellent. I hope I get a chance to try this Rampart event sometime.

    However, for my vote on best-ever mini-tournament, I think I'd have to pick the old $10K prize pool $50 entry fee weeklies at Grand Casino Gulfport circa 1994. RIP.
  15. RKuczek

    RKuczek Member

    the best mini

    was golden acorn - when they ran a $10,000 tourney for a $10 entry with $25 rebuys -

    and they still couldn't get more than 50 or so players
  16. pokernut

    pokernut New Member

    Sam's Town Tunica had a $5000 guarantee, $25 entry and everyone got a free buffet coupon.
  17. fgk42

    fgk42 New Member

    Or the former 2007 $25,000 event with $5 buy in (satellite win) - never leaving the house! RIP :cool:
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  18. bjmace

    bjmace Member

    Was it not $200 buy in or better still $5/$10 Sat :p

    P.S Ken your remernising has taken this thread right off topic lol
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  19. Barney Stone

    Barney Stone New Member


    remember as well GA tallied points each month for a freeroll of about 25K at end of series. This idea of having a "championship" game or final "freeroll" is neat. Im sure as I did you like keeping track each month of our points totals at GA. I think the GA idea is better than Rampart because it involves more people. Im taking it at Rampart you have to come in first to get invite to big game. If they did a sheet using players cards they could run a freeroll at end like GA did which is fun to track and involves more people.
  20. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    Rampart on September 10th...

    Blackjack Friends:

    Looking forward to the Inaugural Weekly UBT Event at the Rampart here in Las Vegas on September 10th! This will be a perfect way to celebrate both the beginning of what I hope to a highly successful weekly UBT Event, as well as the first Monday Night Football game of the season! My Cincinnati Bengals will be taking on the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore. I hope for both a Cincinnati Bengal win combined with a Skip Samad UBT win...

    Look forward to seeing you all there

    Skip Samad :celebrate

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