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    Hey guys! Looking for the area tournaments and to get to know some of you. Live in the Phoenix area but LOVE my Bama football! Roll Tide!
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  2. gronbog

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    If you're looking for tournaments in your area, check out our tournament calendar (click on Tournaments near the top of the page). If you know of any events that are not there, please add them!
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  3. BlueLight

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    There is an excellent weekly tournament on Tuesdays with play starting at 12:00 noon at Casino Arizona at McKellips. The entry fee is $50. The first round one of 6 players (sometimes 5) advances to the semifinals. The first round consists of 3 sessions so if you don't advance on your 1st try you have 2 more buy ins. In the semi finals usually 2 of 6 (or 5) advance to the final table.
    The pool consists of all the entry fees plus the casino adds $1000 to this pool. 4% is taken out as a dealer service charge, the rest is given to the players at the final table. It is customary to tip 10% of your prize. Even with the 4% deduction and a 10% tip the players are getting back more than all the entry fees paid in.

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  4. ozone

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    New guy living in VA. Play the MGM tournaments when they have them. Looking for other tournaments to play in and looking forward to meeting new people on the tournament trail!
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  5. gronbog

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    Can you post the tournaments in your area that you know about on the Event Calendar? VA may be within my radius of possibility.
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