Niagara Fallsview Mini Baccarat Tournament

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    Next event is on Sunday Nov 18. See

    I played in the previous event and found it quite promising. The correlation strategies that we know and love are even stronger since one can guarantee the same result by betting the same as the players to your right. One can also almost guarantee a swing (one way or the other, except for a tie) by betting the opposite. Of course, this is a double edged sword, since players to your left can do the same to you. However, I found that the skill level of most players, when it came to betting, was quite low at the last event. Many players were using the board showing the results of their previous hands to make their decisions. One guy was flipping a coin to decide whether to bet player or banker.

    Wong has a chapter on baccarat tournaments in his book. Anyone have additional insights to share?

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