Oklahoma Blackjack starts today

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  1. KenSmith

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    Hanging around with people they think are dangerous is a problem too. :laugh:
  2. hopinglarry

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    Ah, yes:)

    Just some other info.

    In the past few years of declining casino activity around the nation, the 2 closest casino to DFW have expanded significantly. Most of the roughly 6 million people in the DFW area are about 60-90 miles from the casinos. Remember Texas has no casinos.

    Winstar advertizes themselves as the world 3rd largest casino. I don't know how this is determined, but they have over 6700 electronic games and about 75 table games. I am not a poker player so I don't know how many poker tables. The casino is absolutely enormous.

    Choctaw Resort at Durant has over 4000 machines and about 30-40 tables. They opened a 300 million dollar hotel/casino addition to their facility in Feb 2010.

    Due to the Ante, these casinos must make an obscene net profit on their table games. Why would anyone ever go play the games?

    Suppose you are in Dallas and decide you want to go play BJ for a couple of hours. You have a choice of driving 60-90 miles and probably paying around $50 in antes for a couple of hours or you can drive 200 miles to Shreveport/Bossier City and not pay an ante. Make your own decision.

    If you just want to play slots/VP they are much closer.

    If you like drawings for cars, then Winstar is your place. I don't know how many they give away every year, but it is alot.
  3. gronbog

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    For the same reason that they happily play those sucker side bets for $5 or more on their $10 bets; They're just there to have fun and consider their losses "the cost of an evening's entertainment."
  4. fwb

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    Indeed, but from looking through their websites I found enough ante-free time periods at enough locations to be able to play multiple times throughout the week without ever hitting up an ante. I might give it a shot for awhile...it should be better than nothing.
  5. WinStar table game ante

    The WinStar has had a bonus "Cash for Diamonds" that paid $50 for a diamond suited BJ and $20 each for all other players at the table on Tuesdays and Wednesdays since late last year. Unfortunately, it ended April 1st. However, they still have a $25 bonus on diamond suited BJs with $10 to all other players at the table Monday thru Thursday weekly.

    If you have a full table or players playing multiple hands, it appears to be one diamond suited BJ an hour. It pretty much negates the ante. If you play multiple hands you get the bonus on each hand. One time I was playing two hands and hit a diamond suited BJ two different times for a total $140 bonus in a three hour period.

    In my case, it's an additional $28 in fuel and two and a half hours more in drive time to go to the no commission casinos. I also get free buffets and one night free per month at the WinStar Hotel. Last year I got a free buy-in to their BJ tournament for playing enough.

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