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Discussion in 'Blackjack Tournament Strategy' started by KenSmith, Nov 16, 2019.

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    For the last two hands, in Europe, you're usually given TWO minutes time to think your bet AND your play through. When a significant prize is at stake, I'd always use this precious time and bother doing all these maths. After a certain amount of practice, the occurrences discussed above come to mind nearly automatically, like Ken said.
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    LUCKY FOR YOU, my friend! If I had 120 secs to calculate all the high/low scenarios I could easily come up with an ideal bet; but that's not the case here in the U.S.! We are given the same time for each hand although they do allot for a few more seconds on final hand but definitely not 2 mins!
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    Yes, this is a reasonable shortcut. It automatically covers the scenario where BR1 doesn't want to overbet his lead. In that case, you get minimum second high.
    (Your $500 + $205 = $705. His $600 + $95 = $695)

    It also lets the "rule of 2" kick in, which means you can still double to retake the high if BR1 makes an optimal bet behind you.
    (Your $500 + $205 + $205 = $ 910. His $600 + $300 = $900.)
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    Hmm... so what if he were to take the DD high over me though, by betting > $310 to edge me out even if I win a DD bet? Then just have to hope dealer beats us no?
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    Seems there's always something we're "hoping" to happen, eh? Either that dealer breaks or dealer naturalsâť—

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