Orleans Home Run Blackjack tournament

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    I have just posted the Orleans Las Vegas April 27-29 Blackjack tournament. In addition, I have posted a Roulette tournament (Paris Las Vegas May 8-10) and a Pai Gow Poker tournament (Grand Sierra/Reno March 13-15). I post these non-blackjack tournaments simply for completeness because I know some of you are interested. Good Luck and Good Cards! And, I'll see some of you at the Hard Rock (Biloxi) and/or Beau Rivage next week.
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    good deal will be at hard rock see you
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  3. Dakota!

    How was the re-buy round?
  4. Do you have info on who to contact to get comped into this tourney? I never play there so would obv like to get comped by my play just like I did at Treasure last week! Now both me and the misses are in it next month, lol
  5. KenSmith

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    I would call and ask for a tables games host. Sometimes you can get them to contact another casino where you have a record of play.
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    I just talked to a casino host (the closest I could get as an outsider). She told me it wasn’t likely to get comped, or even an invite to this one until they know more about me. Although I’m in Illinois, I have a B Connected card (Boyd) and I play in Peoria at another Boyd property, she still said “they don’t know enough” about my average play levels.

    I did get a name, however. I was told to talk to Mike Wolgast after playing at The Orleans to see about paying to play in the tournament. It sounds as if invited members get free entry, 3 nights, and meals. I’m planning to stay at The Orleans starting the Friday prior to tourney.

    Can anyone tell me how long I should play and at what average bet size to attempt a PAID entry? Also, would higher bets and longer play in Peoria help?
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  7. noman

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    Orleans: So, no free meals. But yes free entry and three nights.
    The last three have not filled with invited entrants and they have aggressively pushed reentries at $150.00 to meet stated payouts, which are reduced dependent on initial entries and rebuys.
    So for RanDom Primes being persistent with your contact or "pit boss" during your play ahead of tourney, may pay off. They won't know until Tuesday morning after late registration whether they've met their max entrants. Problem is there is too much going on for tourney directors to pay much attention to outside distractions.
    Even with that I've never heard of them letting someone, not initially invited, "buy in."

    Ask your host in Peoria for help.

    The tourney director at Orleans is very proprietary to action at Orleans exclusively, regardless of other Boyd properties play.
    He also takes offense from on line knowledge of his tourney.
  8. Takes offense from online knowledge of his tourney??? How far up his ass does he have that stick?! Online info is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE by (usually) smart people wanting to get the edge/info of events otherwise usually known little about!

    How many players do they usually have for this Orleans invitational event? The ONLY time I use my B-connected card is when I have to register with it at the small baby weekly tourneys that pay shit prizes in the 1st place.

    If he won't even accept paid entries to his rinky-dink casino then to Hell with him!
  9. Dakota

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    It would be very nice if you would clean up your language on this site. Thanks.
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  10. Dakota,

    It would nice if you reply to me from time to time. I asked you on another thread how the Rebuy went for you @ the $150K and you never replied to me (yet you proceed to make your own posts about future tournaments)... Thanks
  11. RanDom Primes

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    Thank you very much for your honest response and practical information. I plan to play in the little tournaments they hold every Saturday and Sunday and will ask at that time whether they have any bigger ones coming up. We sometimes get to thinking that, since we believe we know a little more about a particular subject than the average bear, we somehow have a right to be treated with a higher level of respect. Then, if we are LUCKY enough to translate our knowledge into winnings, we may get to feeling that we are, in fact, special and expect to be treated as such. The bottom line is, we have to either play by the rules established by the “house” or decide to stay home. If a business wishes to reward their favorite customers with a free prize pool and free rooms, they have every right to do so. We can request that they consider us in their group of favorites, but we have to show them why they should, and respect their decision.
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  12. Actually, Orleans told me when I called just 2 days ago that they no longer have the Sat/Sun weekly tournaments. Still think it's totally dumb that a small casino like them has to feel high and mighty and offer an Invitational tournament to the miniscule amt of players that actually play at their casino in the 1st place... I mean let's be serious when you think Vegas no one thinks, "Lets stay at the ORLEANS!" . . .

    They need to just make it OPEN to the public like the monthly Hard Rock one I've finished Top 2 in 3 months and have a great chance to make more money from entries and Rebuys alone ! SMDH. . . . Either that or fire the inept Marketing director for crying out loud !
  13. RanDom Primes

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    The Orleans casino host I spoke with on Saturday afternoon (3/7/2020) mentioned the Saturday & Sunday tourneys to me; I didn’t bring them up. I only mentioned that I would be arriving in Vegas on the Friday prior to the Home Run BJ Tourney and she told me the times of play for each regular weekend tourney. Plus, their website lists these BJ tournaments under their promotions. I have the name of another casino host there; I’ll try to talk to him directly to confirm. Since today is Sunday and they claim to have rounds at 2, 3, & 4pm on the Sunday tourney, this could be easy to confirm with a phone call today.

    Does anyone else have recent experience playing in the Hit Me Once Hit Me Twice BJTs at The Orleans?

    Is it worth it for me to stay and play there to try to get in the Home Run BJT if I’m going to Vegas for the Touchdowns and Double Downs BJT at the Golden Nugget that weekend?

    And since I’m from podunk Illinois, don’t use social media, and am eligible for Medicare, could somebody help me understand what SMDH means?
  14. LOL! Thanks for the laugh! I'm not exactly a young whippersnapper myself, but am 1 of the younger members of this site for sure. "SMDH" comes from "SMH" which means "shaking my head" to which I'm sure you can figure out what the "D" means ^_~

    Yes, I have played the Hit me Once/Twice tourneys @ Orleans and they're actually the highest-paying weekly tourneys @ Orleans (i've made it to Final table in the handful of times i've played it), though I heard Gold Strike is holding them now (unless the lady I was speaking with is as inept as Orleans' Marketing dept).
    Regarding trying to get comped, a lot really depends on your avg bet.... 2 wks ago when me and the wifey were in Vegas, I actually played enough to get comped into the April TI tournament while also racking in about 6 hours of play @ CET & I'm only a paltry $100/hand Blackjack bettor! Now I'm at least able to play in the $25K tourney @ the Linq in 2 wks and maybe even the $150K in Caesars next month though that's not confirmed yet.
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    Ite est.
  16. noman

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    Received call from Orleans just about 2 hours ago, while on the road. Jist of call through the road noise was, Gov. of Nev. shut casinos through April 30. Orleans Tourney April 27 and room cancelled.
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  17. Thought the governor just said for 30 days.... Orleans taking extra precaution and closing through the end of next month??
  18. Billy C

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    I guess it's a fluid situation now. I left Vegas Thursday morning and at that point, they weren't thinking the casinos would be closed nearly that long.
    Needless to say, it will all depend on how things go.

    Billy C
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  19. Hopefully not! Caesars $150K BJ was 31 days after governor said to close everything..... I really need that tourney to happen so I can redeem myself!!!
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