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Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (USA)' started by Dakota, Feb 27, 2019.

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    I played in the Paris 150K blackjack tournament this past weekend and made it to the semi-finals and prize money. After much on-line discussion/confusion over the past couple of years, here is a comprehensive breakdown of this tournament:

    Round 1: (2 of 6 advance) 690 entrants plus 174 re-buys ($100). Sessions are played all day and 288 advanced to Round 2.

    Round 2: (2 of 6 advance) 288 players/5 sessions and 96 advance to Round 3.
    Round 3: (2 of 4 advance) 96 players/3 sessions and 48 advance to Round 4 and in the money.
    Round 4: (3 of 6 advance) 48 players/1 session and 24 advance to Round 5. Those eliminated get $2,000
    Round 5: (1 of 4 advances) 24 Players/1 session and 6 advance to the final table. Those eliminated get $2,000
    Finals: 6 players/1 table and all receive prize money

    In the past, there has been confusion as to the number of advancers per table in early rounds. It has solely to do with the total number of entrants. If, in this case, they had the actual 750 entrants expected (instead of 690), only 1 of 6 would have advanced from Round 1. But then either 3 of 6 would have advanced from Round 2, or 3 of 4 would have advanced from Round 3. It is a given that 48 players advance from Round 3, so any adjustments are geared to achieve that goal.

    Even though there are 1 or 2 more rounds than in many other tournaments (because of the high number of entrants), I still believe that this is a worthwhile tournament. The skill level is average and quarter-finalists and semi-finalists who don't advance get paid (top 48).
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  2. Dakota

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    I have posted 2 additional Las Vegas tournaments: the Orleans, April 22-24 ($30,000) and Harrah's, April 26-28 ($150,000). Note that the Harrah's tournament is the same format as the Paris Las Vegas 150,000 tournaments.
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  3. TJ4justice

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    How do you get invited?
  4. george

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    way to go on the prize money makes it more fun congratulations
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    TJ4Justice: Have a Caesar's Total Rewards Card. Have or contact a host at Caesar's or play at a Caesar's property. Initially it doesn't take much. But the more you go, the more play they want, to reinvite you. In addition to Paris and Harrahas, Cromwell, Flamingo, Hard Rock and Balleys hold similar BJ tourneys and once on the list you'd get offers for all of them, plus their slot, baccarat and video poker and even dice events.

    I was going to the last Paris event, but my flight (on Alliegiant) got cancelled two hours before departure , I guess due to the weather in Vegas.
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    I understand that the CET tournaments are by invite only, but have talked to some people at the $75K tournaments and were told they were asked at check-in if they would be interested in participating in the tournament! Is this because they don't have enough entrants and they are trying to fill slots? Anyone tried asking about joining one of these tournaments without being invited if you happen to be in Vegas at the time?

    The reason I ask is because I would love to play in the upcoming $150K tournament at Harrah's, but was not invited. Have been invited to several $75K tournaments, but not a single $150K tournament since my first back in 2015 at Paris. If I thought there was a chance of being able to play in the Harrah's tournament at the end of April, I would make travel plans now!
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    The $150k blackjack tournaments have higher qualification requirements than the $75k tournaments, but it's interesting that the $75k tournaments would seek "walk-up" entrants. In any case, as Noman points out, sufficient casino play at any of the Las Vegas CET properties will qualify you for tournaments at all of the properties (The Rio and Planet Hollywood and are the primary venues for the video poker tournaments).

    Get in touch with a host at a CET property with an upcoming blackjack tournament, explain your situation and ask for clear guidelines for the various tournament qualifications. My host handles all of the Las Vegas CET properties on my behalf, so be sure to ask the host which you contact about that aspect also. Don't give up!
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