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  1. TXtourplayer

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    I have started getting more interest from the casinos for a possible "Open" Blackjack Tour.

    The reason, simple I am willing to pay them to host the events. They are in business to make money and we are wanting to have "Open" tournaments with good rules so why not pay for these tournaments starting out anyway?

    Poker seems to be doing VERY WELL paying the casinos to host their events so why not Blackjack?

    Everybody wants open events, everybody wants more events, everybody wants bigger events, everybody want set rules (National rules), well this maybe just what the doctor ordered!

    I have been ask to send my complete tournament tour format and rules to 11 interested casinos. If we can get just 6 of them willing to give us the chance to host this tour (2 tournaments at each location over 12 months), I believe we could have the start of something big for blackjack.

    I'm only talking about $30,000 to $60,000 per month events (possibly higher in some locations) and a year end championship tournament with $150,000 to $250,000 prize pool.

    No these wouldn't be the biggest prize tournaments, but they would be "OPEN" to all and points could be awarded so we could finally rank the blackjack players and they would be affordable at $300 entries and guaranteed two re-buys per tournament at $150 each.

    Who are the TOP tournament players? Now we could find out over the 12 month schedule.

    And they would be held in different parts of the country each month so it would be fair for everybody when it comes to travel expense.

    Give me feedback, what do ya'll think?
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  2. maxwell

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    That Is A Good Start Keep Them Going
  3. napodot

    napodot New Member

    Go for it

    Great job Tex. Get it finalized. The sooner, the better.:D
  4. Scorcho

    Scorcho New Member

    Send some my way!
  5. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Help yourself by helping me...

    Scorcho get me contact information for casinos in your area and the people to talk to at each property and I'll offer them a chance to become a "Tournament Blackjack Players Association", (TBJPA) Tour host property.

    I am trying all I can to get this up and running and as soon as possible.

    Please note my TBJPA Tour will have lot smaller prizes than a WSOB or UBT and is not designed to be in competition with either of those tournaments.

    The TBJPA Tour will be more like a blackjack farm league for the bigger WSOB and UBT events.

    Mine are affordable "OPEN" tournaments for every player who enjoys tournament blackjack and with my new point system we can actually rank the players yearly and award a "Player of the Year" in blackjack. Just think no more whining over who are the best players and who deservers to be on TV, now we'll know every year who the top players are.
  6. RKuczek

    RKuczek Member

    I like idea

    I like this idea - I haven't played in a 'major' tournament - and frankly aren't that eager to put up $1,000 or more in entry fees and cover big travel expenses to play carnival games - I think that is probably where most of the players on this site are at - we play in smaller tournaments within easy travel distance - but give me an option to play at an accessable location for a reasonable entry fee and maybe win a decent amount of money and get to play against some of the better players - and I would be in for at least a couple of these - I have been looking for larger open tournaments - in the $20,000+ range with reasonable entry fees - and where I can get to them - not much out there right now -
  7. thrasht

    thrasht New Member

    I'm In

    Sounds great to me. I wouldn't be able to make 12 tournaments every year, but would probably make about 6-8. I like the idea they would be held all over the country so nobody has an unfair advantage. Everybody would have to cough up travel money to play at different tournaments sites. On the other hand I do hope one of the sites is in Vegas as I always enjoy my trips to sin city.
  8. Sounds like you are getting a good deal accomplished. Thanks. I think this tour would be a good step forward for blackjack. Don't forget that the WSOP wasn't paying huge paydays for their first few years either. Nothing is born full grown.
  9. elyssez

    elyssez Member


    I'll be at Barona Casino Later this week. If you don't already have the contact info for them, let me know and I'll see what I can find out.

  10. bahoozle

    bahoozle Member

    Isle O' Capri

    Tx -

    Hit up the Isle of Capri in Lula, MS. Being a bit removed from the other Tunica casinos, I would be willing to bet they'd jump at the chance. They spend mega ad bucks in AR/LA/TN/MO area to try and capture the gamblers before they head to the Horeshoe or Sam's Town.

    Great work!
  11. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Thanks everybody

    Great feedback everybody! This is what we need to be successful in building blackjack tournaments up, everybody working together to help all of us. ;)

    I promise I will try to get casino locations as close to everybody as possible, but with a maximun of 12 locations (if we're lucky enough to get that many casinos the first year) I am sure several of us we still have some traveling to do. :)

    I am putting the ball in the hands of the casinos, I have pitched the offer to several of them now and with ya'll feedback, I am sending out a few more offers to the casinos that ya'll posted about. :eek:

    It is very simple formula I am using, we want a place to play that offers "Open" tournaments, a reasonable entry fee and re-buys, offers good fair rules and reasonable room rates for the out of town players.

    The casino's want players to come to there casinos and gamble. With me offering to pay these casinos to host my TBJPA - Tour they have the chance to pull in players to gamble and get paid to do so.

    Will there be any gimmicks offered? Yes, but I thought offering a $5 fee for extra 100 in chips before the start of each table and a $20 mulligan would be better that just offering a $30 tournament fee. :rolleyes:

    I'll offer a poll to see what the players would rather do.
  12. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Working together may payoff...

    Well I guess my idea for a new BJ Tour and the fact that I am willing to pay the casinos to host them may work.

    I know by asking the players on this site to help find locations and talk to your local casinos seems to be working anyway.

    In the last two days I have been called by casinos wanting to find out more about the Tournament Blackjack Players Association (TBJPA) and the Tour I am trying to get together.

    Today I was called from the "Blue Chip" casino. With the help of all the players on this site I might be able to get this Tour off the ground.

    I was thinking, since this would be an open tournament tour for all the players and the entries would be affordable to most all the players why not call the tour:

    "The World Tournament Blackjack Championship Tour"?

    It's open to everybody all over the world and we would be traveling around the country and possibly Canada for the monthly events.

    What do ya'll think? Do you like the name? The winner wouldn't be from just one event, but from the entire years monthly events (12 events).
  13. bahoozle

    bahoozle Member

    >> "The World Tournament Blackjack Championship Tour"

    Far better than World BJ Championship!:D
  14. Prospect

    Prospect Member

    It sounds kind of long. At least shorten it to "World Blackjack Championship Tour".
  15. noman

    noman Top Member

    Tour Name

    A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
  16. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Just bouncing titles around!

    There are a lot of titles or names used or taken already, that is not the important thing. Whats important is that we get a affordable series of "Open" tournaments where every player on this site can go play and we can grade the players and be able to rank them as to who really is the top tournament players.

    Some years there maybe players that have great years, but over three years or so you should see which players are consitantly in the top 25 players year in and year out.
  17. pokernut

    pokernut New Member

    Hey Tex could you answer a few questions? Is the Tournament Blackjack Players Association (TBJPA) patterned after the PGA, LPGA, PBA, WPA and other sports associations and where is it's web site? What state is it Incorporated in and type of corporation, what is the yearly membership dues and what is the organizational chart, is it's officers elected by general membership or commitee?
  18. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Lets see...

    I hope this answers your questions pokernut, now I would like to ask you a few?

    Since you tell us all the time you stopped playing blackjack tournaments and started playing poker all the time and how much better poker tournaments are run than blackjack why are you so worried about the TBJPA anyway?

    Do you ask all these questions before you go play any other tournaments anywhere else?

    If a very good "Open" tournament with fair payouts was set up would you play or not play based on how or if it was incorporated?

    Would you play or not play based on if they had a committee and if they were selected or voted in?

    As far as any membership fees are concerned, I felt it would be best to only charge on a monthly basis. This way the players would only be playing for the events they got to play in vs. a yearly fee where they may only play in half the tournament.

    I am not trying to be nasty, buy at the same time I am busting my butt to try and provide tournament blackjack players with a tournaments format where "ALL the tournaments are OPEN" for every player. I'm also trying to get these tournaments hosted around the country so at least some of them will be close or at least closer to every player and they don't have to travel to Las Vegas for every tournament.

    Now I ask for feedback all the time and I don't have a problem answering or at least trying to answer anyone’s questions, but pokernut how do the questions you ask help to get "Open" tournaments for all the players?

    If your worried about what I am or will be getting from the TBJPA I'll tell you. Currently I am getting nothing; everything I am doing is coming out of my pocket and my time. Now when and if the TBJPA gets up and running I will be getting a fee as a consultant from each casino to manage the association and help with scheduling the tournaments, getting host properties, and managing the point standings and listing them on the web site monthly for all the players.

    Now once again I am not trying to be nasty, but it is players like you that "PISS OFF" the casinos and why tournaments are in the shape their in now.

    I finally come up with a system that looks like it will be fair to both the players and the casinos and where we can both be happy and you want to try and bring it down. WHY? :confused:

    I'm am trying to make blackjack tournaments better for all of us, if you don't want to play in them don't try and ruin it for everyone else.
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  19. BJFAN4

    BJFAN4 New Member

    Good questions, I think.

    Easy there Big Tex ! Clarifying self-interest is always important when faced with the promotion of a business venture. Nothing wrong with you being rewarded for your efforts, as long as you are up-front about it.:confused: :confused: :confused:
  20. pokernut

    pokernut New Member

    Tex, Why are getting so defensive just because someone ask a couple of questions about the players "association"? I probably play in more BJ tourneys than you if you count the weekly tourneys, I just don't travel for BJ tourneys unless there happens to one in the area I'm at for the poker tourneys. I just asked about the "association" since I just joined the WPA (World Poker Players Association) (The WPA was incorporated on November 7th, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada as a nonprofit association.
    As a membership based nonprofit organization, all revenue generated will be used for the benefit of all its members.
    The Mission:
    To assure the integrity of tournament poker by establishing fair and consistent rules and procedures and thereby increase the opportunities of ndividual and organizational members worldwide.
    One Voice, One Vote
    We need to unite under one organization to have an effect on the future outcome of tournament poker, individually and as a group. We need:
    One Voice
    in the poker world
    One Voice
    to be the governing body of tournament poker worldwide
    One Voice
    to speak on behalf of poker players
    One Voice
    to unite all related tournament poker entities).
    and I wanted to know if the BJ association was the same type. Your organization seems more like a leaque than an association (Definition of association:A group of people united in a relationship and having some interest, activity, or purpose in common.)
    Now once again I am not trying to be nasty, but it is players like you that "PISS OFF" the casinos and why tournaments are in the shape their in now.
    I finally come up with a system that looks like it will be fair to both the players and the casinos and where we can both be happy and you want to try and bring it down. WHY?
    I'm am trying to make blackjack tournaments better for all of us, if you don't want to play in them don't try and ruin it for everyone

    Would you tell me how I "Pissed Off" the casinos, ruined BJ tourneys and am trying to bring down your organization? If your organization and is only for people that travel to play in all the "majors" I will leave and quit posting.

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