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  1. TXtourplayer

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    Your Damn right I get Defensive!

    I try my best to get something good going for the players, I take my time to try to make a better situation for all the players and you want to question me, it isn't just this time you are questioning me, it is every time myself or someone else has an idea to try to improve blackjack tournament play for all of us you want to try to bring it down.

    Now I have a real good idea and I am trying to run with it, If and when I can get it going, then I will worry about the structure as a company.

    Who are you and why is that information so important to you anyway? Now my real name is Rick Jensen and I am not scared to let everyone know who I am, now it's your turn. If you want to debate me over any of my ideas do it publicly not over some forum with a screen name. I have a pretty good idea who you are and why you won't come out of the shadows.

    If you want all these rules and regulations changed in poker and blackjack and you know so much why aren't you getting up off your dead ass and doing something about it?

    Now as far as how players, like you, ruin the tournaments, I am sure you are one of the players who question every rule, wants everything free, room, food, and a free tournament gift and comp-ed air when possible and if you are who I think you are, I have a BIG list of other items that will piss off the casinos.

    Now I am sure you'll have to keep your name secret because you are sure a big time gambler (or so you think, I think for other reason, but what it boils down to is you are a little man that can't stand anyone else coming up with an idea to improve things because you can't or won't. You want to have everything changed for you, but don't do a thing to change anything except for yourself.

    What you are upset with is that I might be making money off something I LOVE doing. If you really were trying to ask constructive questions to try to help out, I wouldn't have a problem, but you are just trying to be an ass like normal. The players can go back to look over your prior posts and see that you BITCH about everything.

    Now as far as the TBJPA, the casinos will still run the tournaments, only they will follow the TBJPA format and rules. They will also be "Open" events to every blackjack player in the world. Now if the word "Association" bothers you I will be happy to change it to league of some other wording.

    Now if anyone is bothered by the TBJPA not being a corporation, having charts or selected rules committee of your choice keeps you from playing in these events then I'm sorry, I guess you better start working on your own Tour.
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  2. elyssez

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    Maybe Pokernut is yet another reincarnation of Paul "the Assassin".
  3. pokernut

    pokernut New Member

    Tex, got take a valuim
  4. fgk42

    fgk42 New Member

    getting back on track

    The mulligan seems reasonable - as long as it is advertised before hand so people don't get upset - as was recently pointed out to me

    I am being naive here, but how about using rules and a system like the UBT will be using?

    TX I for one am glad that you are taking this initiative to start this. I think it would be a great boom for BJ lovers and I would love to see the casinos jump on board.

    As far as a name.....BlackJack Championship Tour (BCT)

    Just my 2 cents :D
  5. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    I want tournament listed it the title

    Some where in what ever title we decide I want either Blackjack tournaments or Tournament Blackjack, because that is what I am trying to promote.

    It isn't just blackjack, it is the tournament format that the Tour will be about. I want it to be known that we are tournament players, not just regular blackjack players.
  6. tgun

    tgun Member

    I agree Tex. Tournament must be in the title.

  7. Joep

    Joep Active Member

    I want it to be known that we are tournament players, not just regular blackjack players.[/quote]

    Thats a great idea because we know casino's never throw out tournament players .As a matter of fact the tournament players lounge that serves free drinks and snacks to all tournament players while they are in Las Vegas is located at the StarBust . Wonder where it will go after they blow :bomb: that joint up .
  8. noman

    noman Top Member


    TX's agenda should be different than UBT, probably legaly as well as fundamentally.

    TX's constitutes the best of all past best tournaments, I've been exposed to and is geared more for an average Joe and Jane. He has thought it out incorporating the best and trying to eliminate all the pitfalls of past tourneys. Plus the inclusion of the rating system for accomplishment of players who want to be known is a distinction.

    As much as I like and have promoted UBT, for a number of reasons, it is a high end event, that as I see it develop, I'm not sure(well am sure) that I could make every monthly event.

    I like the concept in both tours of anybody and everybody, putting their money down and paying .10 a dance to outlast whoever else enters.

    While payouts will differ significantly, anyone who distinguishes themselves in TX's tourney's will soon be on the UBT tour.

    And I will add, both of these concepts are as close to the one ground breaking tourney...The Hilton Million, that unfortunately only lasted three years. Both concepts grew out of the demise of that concept.

    And while I'm at it...I don't understand how there can be almost 5 thousand interested BJ tournament players on this site/forum and only about 100 will venture to play on Global Player tourneys. Regardless of some negative statements(and they may only be about single and multiple player games) the tourneys on GP are as even as anything you'll find live. And for that matter, if you're one who seriously thinks playing an on line bj game(other than tournament) is a good deal or can be beaten, then you might as well as play slots, live or on line. (and that's not to disparage those who play the bonus factor to perfection.)
  9. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Noman

    I hope you're right Noman, when (and if) I can get this Tournament Blackjack Tour up and running I hope it can be a stepping stone for players to get into the bigger WSOB and UBT events offered for TV and the really big bucks.

    And Joep, I understand your comments about tournament players never get throw out of the casinos, but with my Tour idea I am actually trying to get "ALL" the players in every event with "OPEN" tournaments.

    Certain players may be asked not to play the regular tables, but if I can at least get them back into the tournaments, that would be a good start don't you think?

    Now if a player or players violate the rules set by the host property about being allowed to play in their tournament, that is that player's screw up and the TBJPA would have no control over you being asked to leave the property and forfeiting any and all entries and reentries.

    Example: if the casino asks that a certain player or players not play or even be around the regular blackjack tables, then "DON'T BE AROUND THEM"! It is pretty simple. If you do so, after being told not to, who's fault is it if you get asked to leave?

    I am trying my best to get the casinos to work with "ALL" of us and if I am lucky enough to get them to do so, I am not going to let anyone screw it up for the rest of us. If it comes to a player or players being asked to leave or cancel the tournaments for everyone, I'm sorry, but don't let the door hit you on the way out!

    By the way how does that title sound "Tournament Blackjack Tour"?
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  10. thrasht

    thrasht New Member

    I'm all for "TBT"

    I really like the title "Tournament Blackjack Tour" or "TBT". Three letter acronym's roll off the tongue much better than four or five letter acronym's. To me UBT sounds better than WSOBJ and TBT sounds better than TBJPA. When I'm talking to folks about blackjack tournaments I use the acronym UBT but always say World Series of Blackjack when talking about that tournament.
  11. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member


    The "Tournament Blackjack Tour" (TBT) would be the "Open" monthly tournaments held at casinos around the country.

    The "Tournament Blackjack Players Association" (TBJPA) would be the members that are allowed to play in those tournaments.
  12. Stacks

    Stacks New Member

    Two thumbs up for TBT

    TBT is GREAT! It covers the Tournament BJ vs regular 21 game, and the Tour shows the multiple games @ mulitiple locations.

    Im excited for what this can bring to the game. Consistant format to decide a world champ, and it provides a farm/feeding ground for invitee's to UBT, WSOB, etc.

    I like it.

  13. Jackaroo

    Jackaroo New Member

    Me too!

    I agree. In these abbreviations I think "Blackjack" should one word, as it is when written, i.e., WSOB and TBPA. To me it just sounds better and is not as unwieldy. :cool:

  14. Prospect

    Prospect Member

    Great! Although I can see other people using variants of TBT (e.g. WTBT, World Tournament Blackjack Tour) if they ever want to start their own tour.
  15. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    TBJPA for web site...

    The TBPA was taken for possible web site locations, that is why the "J" was added for the abbreviations for the .com web site.

    The TBJPA abbreviation is really just for a web site address and posts instead of spelling out Tournament Blackjack Players Association every time. If all goes as planned it may look good on shirts and hats as well...LOL

    Once again I love the interest and feedback the players are sending, I like knowing my efforts are being appreciated.

    As far as other Tours starting up, GREAT! As long as we are getting the players support. The concept of my Tour is to not only offer affordable tournaments for existing tournament blackjack players, but expand around the country and possibly get new players interested in our tournaments. The more tournament blackjack players we have the more tournaments and bigger the prizes will be.

    We need to be looking for what we can do in the future and not just what we can do today.

    I would love it if we ended up having monthly tournaments in each region or even in different countries and then all the winners could meet in the championship tournament. But let's try get these monthly tournaments going before taking on the world.
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  16. fgk42

    fgk42 New Member

    I vote for this title

    Add my vote to the TBT coming soon to a casino near you!
  17. norm21

    norm21 New Member

    Way to go, Big Tex!

    Keep on pitching out there, and I may see the Association dream finally come true. A place where we all can go to play the game we want to play; not the games casinos want us to play. I will be at some of those tour stops for sure............
  18. maxwell

    maxwell Member


    Well It Seems Somebody Has Been Extremely Busy With The Tour Idea I Am Glad To See It Coming The Website Looks Good You Guys Are Doing A Great Job For All Of Us Players And Is Appreciated Love The Idea And Hope This Becomes A Standard For Tournaments
    Great Job Rick You Are One The Good Guys On This Site-keep On Trucking On This Adventure I Hope To Be In The First Tournament-when Do You Think This Could Happen And Are The Casinos Interested :d
  19. bahoozle

    bahoozle Member

    On a roll...

    TBT sounds great! Seems like you're on a creative roll. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the Blackjack obsession.
  20. TXtourplayer

    TXtourplayer Executive Member

    Lot of red tape still...

    I would love to tell you when this Tour idea might get started, but lots of things still need to happen before any dates are given out.

    1. I need more interested casinos, that are willing to agree to these following terms.

    a) Willing to allow "All" players into the tournaments.

    b) Willing to follow the TBJPA format.

    c) Willing to follow the TBJPA rules.

    d) Willing to offer rooms at $49-$59 per night rates to all the players.

    I don't think we should have too many problems finding the casinos as long as we are willing to not only pay them to host these monthly events, but also agree to some of their terms as well.

    Another thing to remember is the casinos must submit any and all tournament ideas to the gaming commission or state police for approval before they can start up a new tournament.

    I would also like to host on line satellites for these monthly events as well once we get a schedule of land based events.

    No there won't be any free rolls, I am trying to get a Tour going for those of us who enjoy tournament play, not for those who only enjoy "Free" tournament play,

    To make this Tour work it has to be good for:

    1. The casinos - we have to make them profitable for them.

    2. The players - they have to be "Fair" to all the players. Without a win/win situation there won't be a Tour.
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